BTS 2007 Halifax Nova Scotia

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I am looking forward to hearing about this, from some friends who were able to get up there. I am sure it's been awesome.
Hello From Halifax.

This evening the folks from the UK will be heading home. I fly back to Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

This has been an interesting weekend.
Yesterday there were some good speakers about the Scandanavian immigrants. The one thing that they missed was the Anna Turja story (I met her daughter and grandson many years ago).
Anna's story would have been a fun addition to that talk.

A chronological piece about Titanic, from conception to the disaster was enjoyable, though I noted the narrator mentioned the issue of the depth of Cobh Harbor, something the Irish people have refuted.
I also hear mention that none of Titanic's lifeboats were ever re-used; only two, it was mentioned, were really accounted for. The general notion was that the others were left to rot away.

I missed presentations on the Mackay Bennett story, and one on the 2001 identification of the unknown child.
A talk about "Titanic, 1912 to 2005" was so-so. The speaker insisted on mentioning one thing that I think most of the audience did not wish to think about, regarding the submersibles.
Also, he was refuted on two points, regarding wreckage coming ashore in Nova Scotia and the issue of ownership of Titanic's mail sacks.

At the Saturday dinner a note was read from the honorary BTS President, who could not attend; that was quite nice. Also, in recognition of the fact that people from Societies from six countries were there, they played the anthems of those countries.
When the U.S. anthem was played many of us placed our right hands on our hearts. We were then asked to stand for our host country's anthem, which we did.

There was only one speaker at dinner, a councilman from Halifax; no concluding remarks or slides.
After dinner many of us took pictures next to a White Star burgee owned by Charles Haas.

At 11:40 PM, last night they had a memorial service, for Titanic. That included prayers given by representatives from all six countries.

This morning was a visit to Fairview Cemetery, and some of us also went to Baron De Hirsch. On the way back to the hotel we passed Mount Olivet Cemetery; some people headed over to Mount Olivet on their own.

BTW, on the coach, Charles Haas told of Michel Navratil's visit to his father's grave, in 1996. That was quite moving.

Now some of us are going to Peggy's Cove.

The coach to take the people to the airport, for flights to the UK and other Europe destinations is set to leave.
It was a nice weekend, and I hope to be at the activities for the 2012 Centennial.

The visit to Peggy's Cove was pleasant and relaxing; sixteen people went on that excursion. I just wish we had more time there.
I missed the last presentation given; hopefully there will be a write up about it in the ATB.

Tomorrow will be a good day to relax before flying back to California.

CHEERS, Everyone!!!
Thanks for keeping us up to date on the goings-on in Halifax, John! I really wish I had been able to attend.

I'm sure Charlie will be bringing home tons of pictures that we'll feature in the upcoming Voyage. If anyone else who was there would like to send anything for publication, you can e-mail me at [email protected].
Thanks for update on Halifax John. There is no doubt that Titanic could have safely entered Cork harbour if Smith had wanted to bring her in. Olympic did it. It's another Titanic myth to suggest otherwise
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