Bulgarians on the Titanic

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
A library in Lovec, Bulgaria sent me copies of a couple long articles about some Titanic passengers from that area of the country.
However the letters in Bulgarian language are like the Russian, quite different to "normal" letters,impossible to understand.
Do any of you know anybody who could translate the articles?. If possible, I will send the copies of the articles. After they have been translated, they may be published for everybody in Encyclopedia Titanica Email arne_mjaland@hotmail.com

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
I'd try a Bulgarian or Russian diplomatic office, if you can get it to one. In some countries there are clubs for expatriates where people meet to keep their own traditions alive. Another possibility is a church. If you present it to them as an interestng part of their history I'm sure the Bulgarians will be eager to help.
Dec 8, 2000
Hello Arne,

Would you believe there's a man from Oslo on the web who advertises his services in Bulgarian to Norwegian/English translation? http://www.linkopp.com/members/vlaiko/translator.htm It could be quite expensive, though.

Personally I'd go with Dave's suggestion about approaching a community club or church group. Many people I've worked with have had a lot of success with the translation of family documents, etc, using this method. (Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the planet to you and don't know enough to make any specific local suggestions.)

It all sounds very interesting. Good luck!

modestos modestou

My mother-in-law is Bulgarian and says there were many Bulgarians on board the Titanic. Between 30 and 80.
Many survived and lived to a ripe old age and I have found a site which has pictures of the graves in a town near Troyan , Bulgaria. The site is Bulgarian though and I have not come across any Bulgarian names of casualties or survivors. I am not convinced and believe there are probably many false stories circulating just to attract attention. Can anyone please confirm one way or another. Thanks