Burnt out Liner in Limassol harbour 1995

Michael Byrne

Oct 11, 2006
Sifting through some photographs during the Christmas break I came across a fairly poor quality piccie taken on holiday in Limassol, Cyprus in the summer of 1995 of a medium sized liner anchored in Limassol harbour.

The liner was white coloured, but had been extensively gutted by fire. I remember at the time being interested in it's identity, but none of the local restaurant waiters seemed to know much about it.

I only had a 35mm instamatic type camera (explains poor quality piccie), but through binoculars I could see remains of what I thought to be "........ian Star" on the bow. Clearly this isn't the 'Scandinavian Star' which infamously caught fire in 1990 - my Limassol ship looks smaller and different superstructure shape.

Anyone got any info about the identity & history of this ship ?


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