C-46 and C-132 location


Hello everyone,

I'm new here and not really an expert in Titanic's plan ^^.
Can someone tell me where (even approximately) the room C-46 and C-132 were on the boat. For example, were they between funnels ? In the front of the boat, middle, or back?

Thank you for help and sorry for my naive question :)
This website has a set of detailed deck plans which will provide that information and much more. Go to the ET homepage and click on the link for the plans at the top of that page.


Heya Perle,

C-46 was right off the Grand Staircase directly across the room from the Pursers Office and would have had two port hole windows in the room.

C-132 was a little less interesting sitting flush with the NO 1 & 2 Boiler Casing, sorta mid corridor but closer to the Aft Staircase

Titanic Deckplans : C Deck