C Deck Parlor Suites


Andrew Neel

I was wondering if anyone knew who were in the parlor suites on c-deck i have asked a lot of people and not gotten the answer I needed. So if you can help me thank you very much. Talk to you later.
Jan 28, 2003
I posted a reply on another thread - you've posted on so many I got confused. I feel rotten now as what I said might seem a bit unwelcoming, but I'm just trying to help. I'm not sure if you are mainly interested in the Carters or the parlour suite. If it's the Carters, go to the message board, look up Passengers and see what's there on them. Or use the search. I doubt if there is that much really on the parlour suite itself as I think Ismay was in one and the Cardezas in the other. You could check the articles published here - I have a vague idea someone has written something about Walter Lord's report that Mrs. Carter divorced Billy on the grounds of his callous behaviour on the night of the sinking, but I cannot be sure.

Andrew Neel

oh you have helped me alot and thank you. Yes you are right about the ismays and the Cardezas in the b-deck parlour suite but im talking about the c-deck parlour suites. they didnt have the prominade decks. but again thank you very much.

Ben Holme

Feb 11, 2001
Hi Andrew,

I'm sure Monica has filled you in already here, but the starboard Parlour Suite (C-55, 57, 59), was occupied by Isidor and Ida Strauss, who, according to a letter sent from the ship, were delighted with their new accomodation. The port-side suite (which I believe encompassed cabins C-62, 64, 66) was originally thought to have been occupied by Col. Astor and his wife. However, according to recent research - conducted, I believe, by Daniel Klistorner - they were berthed elsewhere on the ship.

Hope this helps,

Dec 7, 2000

So far as I know, the port Parlour Suite was unoccupied. Of those passengers who's cabins are not known, there aren't any candidates, at least not from the prices they paid for their tickets. If the C62/64 suite was unoccupied, the Astors certainly made no effort to move, as they were in their original cabin on the night of the sinking. I believe that C66 (which should have been part of the suite) was occupied by Jack Thayer. If anyone has read my recent Cave List article, you'll see that I suggest that the Thayer cabin placement was a little out of the ordinary.


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