C286 - Mrs Sophia Allen - Grandmother to Frederick Charles Blades under (Fred Allen)

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If there is anyone of the two surname families out there, (Allen and Blades) and they are looking for more information could I ask you to make contact privately please. I am already in contact with one branch of the Blades family overseas.

Sophia Allen nee Blades was already seperated from John James Allen when Titanic hit the headlines. She eventually married John Edward Ellery. She died in 1934 age 74 years and she is buried with two of her children from her second marriage - Beatrice Mary Allen died in 1916 age 21 months and Alfred John Allen who died in 1940 age 17 years.

There's still many question marks hanging over this story, but any member of the two family surnames quoted above are more than welcome to make contact with me dIrectly by using the private facilities of E.T.

Andrew Williams
United Kingdom