jenny Anderson

Jim Cameron enter the remains of the cabin C63? what was his aspect? it was preserved?


I think you are confusing C63 with C55. It would not be possible to venture into C63 as that room almost certainly was included in the breakup just past the second funnel. What Cameron did do was explore the remains of Parlor Suite C55. This was the sitting room occupied by the Straus couple and was intriguing to Cameron based on the fact that he modeled this room to appear as the sitting room of B52 in his film. The room was in fairly good condition. I don't remember much but I do remember seeing the fireplace and the clock on top of it which had a ghostly image of scenes shot of the wreck in the film.


Hello, C-63 was not included in the breakup. From what I have seen, it was crushed by the down blast. Fun fact, C-63 would have flooded from the bathroom very rapidly. I do wish there was still furniture we could recover from it. Anyway, it was crushed and doesn't exist anymore. If you lifted the ship and brought the slope up somehow, I guarantee it would just be an open ripped out space.