Cabin C73


Lester Mitcham


There were no specific Servant's Cabins for C-61 and C-63. The only rooms to have specifically designated Servant's Room were the two Parlour Suites and the 12 Suites-of-Rooms on B-deck. However, in looking at the Steward's List, Mrs Peñasco y Castellana's maid was in C-109, berth 1, so it is possible that a servant would have been berthed in a room across the passageway, but equally depending on how full 1st class was they could have been on E-deck. In either case perhaps as with the maids of Mesdames Douglas and Carter sharing with another servant.

Christopher Repole

Is there a single source where styles of the Titanic's staterooms can be found? I would be interested in getting my hands on the sources if you have them. Thank you!

Colter Addington

Just out of curiosity, what things would have been bolted down to the floor in a First-Class Stateroom? Thanks