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I made collage with photos of Titanic (and probably some Olympic)staterooms. Could you, please, tell me, what styles are these cabins decorated in?

I: is this Queen Anne style?
II: Is this Empire style?
III: ...?
IV: ...?
V: ...?
VI: ...?
VII: ...?
VIII: is this Regency style?
IX: ...?

Also, does anyone know the numbers of this cabins on Titanic (probably some photos came form Olympic, i don't know which ones)?:

2, 4, 6, [7, 8](this is one stateroom), 11, 12, 13, 14, [15, 16], [17, 18]

I would be very grateful for answers. Unfortunately I don't have any Titanic books so I can't verify my doubts...

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Hello, Mariusz---

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Nicolas Murgia

Nicolas Murgia

Hello Mariusz,

From what I could read, you are right for the styles you identified. All your photos were taken onboard Olympic, except 1,3,5, 10 and the one on the right of V, which were numbered respectively B60, B64, B58, B57 and B59. I believe there was cabins of the same style one deck below, on C Deck, they would have looked like the photos from Olympic in your collage.
Cabin VIII was numbered C55 on the Titanic, it was the sitting room of a parlour suite, and the bedroom of the same suite was Cabin IV in your collage, cabin C57, Empire Style.
Cabin IX was also a sitting room. It was numbered B51 on the Titanic. I don't know the number of cabin VII, but I'm pretty sure it was a C Deck cabin.

kukutis gegutaitis

Hello. I think I can help you more. The pictures named III 5. and 6. is of Georgian style. While describe it as Louis XVI style.
I found on internet, that style of cabins IV 7., 8., and 9. are of Empire style (check out yourself at
), but 'Titanic' had another texture of Empire style, as you described. These cabins look like of Neoclassicism style (they use different names for styles in Continental Europe, and in my country we use the very unique type of names too, so I hope I didn't made a mistake in translation :D ). I'm not sure, but it might be also called Louis XVI style in English speaking countries.
11., 12. and 13. in webpage I mentioned is described as Modern style. Of course they do not look modern from our perspective.
17. and 18. is of Adam style.
V is of Dutch Renaissance style. Good luck and... keep exploring! :D

kukutis gegutaitis

Picture VI 10. is B57. Picture V (the second one) is B59. Pictures 17. and 18. is of C deck, because they have the same pattern as b51 Stateroom, just the fireplace is not on the left side of the wall, but in the middle of two windows, while there was the door to a private promenade on B51. 15. is a picture depicting how Strauss cabin might have looked like, while this is a photo of 'Olympic', it is located in C deck (fireplace between windows) as original Strauss cabin in 'Titanic'.