Cabins A-36 and A-37

Logan Horning

Logan Horning

Does anybody know why cabins A-36 (occupied by Thomas Andrews) and A-37 (occupied by Francis Browne) were added on the Titanic in the aft staircase? (Other than making differences between the Titanic and the Olympic, I already know that answer.) They're not in the original 1911 deck-plans, but they appear in the revised 1912 deck-plans.
Original Titanic "A-Deck" Plan (1911):

Revised Titanic A-Deck Plan (early 1912):
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Ioannis Georgiou

Because there was space which was not used and they had only to add the cabins without changing much of the structure. Other cabins were added on the starboard side on Olympic between the forward staircase and the reading and writing room. The reading and writing room was not largely used so it was "shorted" and cabins added.