Cabins of the D and E deck


EG Lefebvre

Hello, I would like to know if the cabins of the E and D deck, were as luxate (luxe en Anglais) as the other cabins of first class of Titanic. I put especially the question for the E deck, I was surprised by seeing that passengers of first class had such low cabins on Titanic. I would like to know which was their decoration, and of which style it was you. I would like to also know if there are photographs of the cabins of the bridge E, and D.


EG Lefebvre

You would not have same step a photograph of a cabin of the bridge E, or bridge D

Thank you!..

Nigel Bryant

Aug 1, 2010
Wellington, New Zealand
Hi EG,

A question like this was asked some time ago, here is a post from Daniel Klistorner, a expert who has studied the Olympic and Titanic’s interiors. Here are some of his responded posts.

“One incorrect impression people get is that all first class cabins were covered in gold, marble and expensive wood! This is not the case for all cabins. Only the larger suites on B and C deck were (even then not all of them, only some cabins were decorated in elaborate period styles). However the rest of the accommodation in 1st class was humbler. A, B, C, D and E deck were very similar. The paneling was all the same, it's the furniture that varied.

The paneling in the cabins on A deck was no different to the simpler cabins on B, C, D and E decks. The only cabins to have different paneling and styles were the large cabins on B and C decks aft of the fore grand staircase. All the cabins on all decks for of the staircase basically looked the same (paneling-wise). The difference was in the variety of furniture used and carpet on the floor. Col Gracies C52 would have looked no different than Anderson's E12”￾

Hope this help, the full thread is under E-deck cabins in Cabin Numbers section at:



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