Cabins with direct deck access

Jenny Needham

Mar 9, 2018
I've been trying to work out - by consulting the deck plans - which cabins on Titanic had doors which led directly to the deck (with the exception of cabins with private promenade decks). In 'The Titanic: Voices from the BBC Archives', one of the passengers, Edith Russell, mentions being in a stateroom, A11, and says 'my stateroom had a door leading to the promenade deck' . By looking at the plans I can see this leads to an area referred to as DECKHOUSE TO STATEROOMS FORWARD which I believe was part of the first class promenade deck. Did all the staterooms which adjoined the deck (for example A28 & A29) have doors leading directly on to the deck? Although she is quite clear about this in the recording, I can't see doors on the deck plans. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me with this!
Many thanks, Jenny
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>> Although she is quite clear about this in the recording, I can't see doors on the deck plans.<<

If they're not there on the deck plans, than they didn't exist. This is not necessarily an indictment of Edith Russell but keep in mind that human memory is extremely fallible and it's entirely possible that she may have confused her accommodation with that of another ship, including the earlier and similar Olympic.

Jay Roches

Apr 14, 2012
On the deck plans, "DECKHOUSE TO STATEROOMS FORWARD PATTERN "F" " refers to the style of windows fitted to those rooms. The area is part of the 1st Class Promenade -- the dashed line is an expansion joint. To my knowledge there were no cabins with direct access to the deck.

This is a computer model of what the area looked like:

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