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Jan 8, 1999

My name is Cameron Harris I am 16 years old, I live in a beautiful part of the east midlands in the UK and I have a passionate interest with all things titanic, and the history of ocean liners.

My interest is something which takes me back to when I was 13, during my English lessons back in school we were asked to create a diary of a passenger onboard the titanic. With a few days of titanic knowledge behind my back I managed to write a story which sparked off I hope an everlasting interest.

Three years later there is no sign of it is stopping my passion has grown so big it has guided me to a career at sea, into the royal navy which I successfully passed into during the July of this year. It could be up to two years before I join but beforehand I am trying to get myself as much experience with work and with life in general.

Joining the Royal navy not only gave me the opportunity to work at sea on a ship, it’s given me the opportunity to explore the world and gain highly civilian recognized qualifications and a chance to meet some amazing people. I am the first person in my family history ever to take this move, I had mixed opinions at first and a lot of expectations set on me but after passing into the service it’s really worked out as a confidence booster.

Anyway as an onlooker of this site for the past three years I finally made that decision to join and i am very happy to be part of such an in-depth constructive and fantastic site to learn about my passion.

Many thanks
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