Audie Murphy, B-movie actor and America's most decorated war hero, was 5'7" in his boots. Not bad, but none other than President Eisenhower objected to Murphy being cast as himself in the biopic To Hell and Back. Ike felt that Murphy just didn't look right to play Murphy and they should have cast someone taller!
Hi All,

I'd recommend Passage on the Lady Anne - not Titanic but a wonderful little hour long Twilight Zone episode from early on. I really like it - nostalgic for me - I am reminded of watching this show at 1 am after The Honeymooners and Star Trek on Ch. 11 in the 1970's and early 1980's.


I remember an Episode from my childhood of the Twilight Zone that Dealt with premonitions of People going on a voyage! I think it might of been the Titanic or the fictional Lady Anne!
the episode that scared the crap out of me was about the mannequin that came to life .......until i was 26 i couldn't be in the same space with one......then i bought my first..........Marsha.....Marsha....
Thanks Evgueni! I remember all those show from my Childhood and it would make sense that it was One Step Beyond! That was my favorite!

Hello Chad, I remember that one. I remember the surprise when Marsha found out she was a spoilers...!

The one that scared me from O.S.B. and was my favorite was where that little girl came back from the dead and possessed another little girl! Freaky! I need to see that one again when I get home from work!
I saw that!
I agree on the Mannequin episode! The 1960's was a great time for Sci-Fi on the Television!