Cameron's Titanic and the Box Office Numbers

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Apr 7, 2001
Back on a Cameron thread that has been closed now I posted an estimated gross sales amount for Cameron's Titanic movie and asked the person if those estimated figures were correct. There was a bit of error AND confusion in the amounts so I am posting links I was given recently from a person I know who is a long-standing member of the movie industry. At the time I posted the question in the thread I did not have these links. Please note that domestic gross was $M and worldwide gross was $B. ($1,000 Million is one $Billion) Here is the original post from the person:

"Teri Lynn Milch asks: "I was told that Cameron's Titanic did $600 billion (wow) in theaters worldwide, and video sales were at least another $200 billion...." This is an easy one. Nope. Whoever told you that is way, way off the mark. The movie has topped all records, but these figures are ridiculous. All sales considered, the last I heard, the film hadn't quite earned $2 billion, or some such. Your numbers are about 400 times too high."

U.S. DOMESTIC Gross $600.8 M

WORLDWIDE Gross $1,835.4 M ($1Billion)
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
From The Gaurdian:

It's official: Avatar sinks Titanic's record

In the end, the only man capable of defeating James Cameron was James Cameron. Titanic, the film-maker's epic 1997 romance set on the doomed ocean liner, yesterday lost its crown as the top grossing movie of all time to Avatar, an epic 3D romance set on an Earth-like moon orbiting a distant star.
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Comment: As always, the bare numbers don't tell the whole story. If they adjust for inflation, "Avatar" would have to take in over $6,000,000,000 in order to beat "Gone With The Wind."​
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