Cameron's Titanic Explorer

I was lucky enough to get a copy from a seller on EBAY.Well I was able to install it fin on my computer,got through Vol 1 or disc 1 and went to start on disc 2 and it wouldn't even start up.I tried and tried,but nothing.So I uninstalled the program and went to install again.Now I can even get it to install again! Did anyone else ever have any problems.Or did I just get jipped on a used copy??
Hi Hilda,

What are the details on your computer system? If you got through Disc 1 OK, it may be there's a problem with disc two. What's the physical condition of the discs like? Have you tried cleaning them? Do any error messages pop up?

There's a good read-me file with trouble shooting tips on disc 1 on if you look at its contents through Windows explorer. It also gives you helpful hints on how to optimise sound and video and how copy everything on the discs onto your hard drive, eliminating the need for disc swapping.

my computer system is fine,at least it was when I first installed it.It was just when I went to put in disc 2 and my screen went black and never started the disc.I tried several times and nothing.Then I put disc 1 in again but again got nothing! So the only thing I could think to do is uninstall the program and reinstall.But When I went to reinstall the whole program it won't even load for me now!!!
I even tried it out here on my computer at work and nothing!! I am so frustrated!
I did clean my discs! I have tried everything!
I am really thinking that the discs are defective!
Maybe I should just get rid of the whole thing!
Hilda, it may be that this 5-year old software isn't wholly compatible with more recent operating systems and/or Apple Quicktime video software. I've also found that the DVD drives in modern PCs cannot always read the content of older CDs.

Here's a link to Fox Interactive's help page for this title. The info may not have been updated for several years, but there is an email link for problems:

Jonathan Harmer

Hi. I tried reinstalling Titanic Explorer when I bought this computer a couple of years ago and it didn't work. However, I've just retried after checking that Fox link above, ensuring I clicked Yes to reinstall Quick Time 3 and it seems to have worked! Fingers crossed!

Susan L. Romanyuk

I was lucky enough to finally win this 3 CDRom set on eBay. While I am waiting for this to be delivered I have some questions. As I have not seen any threads pertaining to this title, my question is this: is there any traps or difficulties that I need to be aware of? I would rather be prepared than get a total surprise as when I got the Challenge of Discovery game.

When this set first came out I did not have a computer that would run the program, now I do. Does anyone out there have this program? Is there any program problems that I need to be aware of?
Hi Susan,

The only thing I found was that the old version of Quicktime included on the CD (and required to run the movies) didn't work very well on my new machine. So if you have any problems with the audio or video, I'd recommend downloading the lastet version. This fixed it for me.


What Paul wrote: I experienced the same Quicktime problems.

I remember also having trouble with some of the navigation that wasn't solved by sorting out Quicktime. If no one else experienced this, it could be down to me having a pinhead computer more than a problem with the CD ROMs themselves. I haven't used it for ages though, as my pc doesn't have a sound card. (My main memory is of almost going blind in my eagerness to read the US Senate enquiry transcripts in one sitting.)

Susan, there's a thread on the CD ROM set (archived long ago) that might give you a bit more info: Otherwise, discussion of the set is scattered throughout the board - ie discussion of bits on clips from the movie that didn't make it onto the big screen (such as Lightoller on #B, Lowe picking up survivors). It certainly doesn't seem to have a dedicated current thread, so it's probably about time it got one, eh.
You'll have more fun with this set than "Challenge", Susan. The best part is you'll get to see most of the real history scenes Cameron cut from the movie including the only Californian scene and the Strauses on deck (and except for the inclusion of the trailer at the end, not a sign of Jack and Rose!)

Susan L. Romanyuk

>>not a sign of Jack and Rose!) << Hallelujah!

At the time this title came out I was still using my 486 doorstop computer. It took me until a year and a half ago to get a PC that had the stuff to run this program.

So now I wait eagerly! Will there be any problem with me using the latest Quicktime? I already have it installed and I have always had trouble with that QT 3 that usually comes bundled in these Titanic programs.
I doubt it should be a problem if you have the most up to date computer. I think the only real nuisance involves changing discs to get access to other info.

There's a great way of touring the ship by navigating the deck that takes you through the sets, and that was where the only problem I ever had came up when sometime the program would slow down and crash as I was going through that.
The cut scenes come up on the timeline when it deals with the subject filmed. The option is there to click on any scene you want to see as I recall though it takes awhile to figure out the navigation there.
I got my Titanic Explorer today. Paul, you are right, I had an older version of QT on my new machine (to run some other older Titanic CD's) and Explorer totally crapped out. So I removed all of the older versions of QT and am just running 6.02 and the cd's are working just beautifully.

Eric, you are so right, I am enjoying this more that Titanic Challenger. And this one basically works all the time. I have noticed that there are some small navigation problems but it is a well made set. Makes you feel like you are watching a documentary. There are some many deleted scenes that Cameron should consider putting in a Directors Cut DVD Set.

James, if your set is freezing up (like mine did) update your QuickTime. I also noticed another thing that will make it freeze. You need a lot of RAM. I did notice it takes up more than 30mb of RAM. I checked my RAM meter (and I have 256 K RAM) and found that this set caches a lot of memory. So if you are limited on RAM, then turn off anything that shows up in the System Tray to clear out memory then try it again.

I just found this thread so sorry if this comes a little late. I would be willing to burn you a copy of my known working Disc 2 of Titanic Explorer. I bought my copy off eBay too, but these disks are brand new. Email me through ET if you are interested.

Jonathan, I tried to use Explorer with the QT they had on the disks. The program after the introduction totally crapped out. I am using QT 6.2 and it runs great.

All: Explorer is a total resource hog. That means that you must turn off anything that runs in the background and turn off anything that is not absolutely needed in the Windows System Tray. That in and of itself will make it run erratic or not at all. Particularly if you are running less than a Pentium/Celeron 533 and less than 256K RAM. That is what my system is and Explorer is real happy!