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John Feeney Wrote:
Bill: Nobody knows it all! And even when they think they have all the answers, somebody usually comes along and changes all the questions. Walter Lord -- [deity name] rest his soul -- had a saying that aptly covered this, though I can't quote it verbatim:

'It's a foolish man who would set himself up as the final arbiter of all things Titanic.'
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Hi John,
Okay Okay so maybe there are some on here who do not know it all but they know more than most, maybe I should have put it that way instead...Oh I dunno, it's been a very long day indeed.....

looking forward to a few tonight
Adam: No, I should apologize then. I really just meant to inject some levity here and relieve the apparent tension. Instead I may have inadvertently re-opened the "wound". Sorry.

(You didn't do anything that just about everybody here hasn't done at one time or another.) :)

Bill: Ditto. I think maybe I just got up too high on my soapbox today without a parachute. ;^)


Sara Brown

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I am of two minds on JC's Titanic. The story itself, as it goes, is kinda blah. typical love story. the ship side of it though is awesome. with the exception of a couple mistakes, but hey, mistakes will be made, he did absolutely AWESOME on the ship. When i think of watching the JC Titanic, what i picture in myhead is the Titanic going out to sea. that brings me back to watch it time and again. the storyline is just an aside

Don Tweed

Adam, I am fairly new here myself.
But, do not worry about asking questions that create differing opinions.
That is the basis for learning!
As Michael stated, the Californian, is the best example. Lordites and non-Lordites will go to there graves and maybe never see eye to eye on the subject.
So ask your questions, respond in kind and have fun!
As they say, run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes!!

Welcome aboard!!! -Don
Everyone, I agree
I thought it was a great film. I understand that you are mad at the filmakers for using the Titanic as a seting for a love story. Just deal with it! It was a great film and I loved it! So there!
I just read the rest of this thread and I definetly don't agree with calling you all stupid, let me say that. But I do understand the problem. Everyone says it is exploiting the Titanic, yada yada yada, but it was a great film and the filmmakers did get many more people interested in it that previously were not. I think it helped the ledgend.

Sara Brown

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too true, no other titanic movie did so awesome on remaking the ship. cameron practically rebuilt the titanic. and the moment of silence he asked for at the oscars gave me a chill. i don't think that it is all that bad a movie at all. I have watched it time and again and will watch it many more times i am sure. there is something about watching the titanic go out to sea, even if it is only a recreation. people are entitled to their opinion of course. there are people who will trash it cause it's a love story. ok, some people don't like love stories, i myself am one, but i am not going to trash Titanic becuase of this fact. Cameron did a GREAT job on the movie. his depiction of the titanic is the best i've seen, the boat itself that is. with some of the real characters. a lot of the dialogue by ismay, smith, lightoller etc etc is right on the nose from what witnesses said. typical love story aside, the movie was awesome, still not A night to remember, but a good movie
No Argument that JC's Titanic is one of the best on the Titanic FX......The Sinking, the Breaking in two, the sheer horror of people in the water....the only thing that made my stomach turn was Jack.........I hated Leo from the moment I saw him in that movie.

If you took antr and Camerons Titanic and had the exact same sets and special effects Camerons would do the best because its entertainment.

Personally, I find A Night to Remember more entertaining than J.C.'s Titanic. But that's my opinion.

A couple of weeks ago, on another thread, someone said I didn't have much of an education in a public message so I told him, I'd send him Email and we'd discuss it there, so I sent him Email, he hasn't been seen since.....Get the picture?

Jeeze, Bill. Did you have poor Carlos knocked off or something?

I dunno.....Personally ?, I think he was all talk and no walk...I won't comment what I said to him in mail but obviously, it sent him packing.....

Hey, I know you all didn't like the love story but you have to admit, Kate Winslet played her party perfectly just like Cameron wanted her to.
Frankly, Adam, as a writer of historical fiction, one of the cardinal rules is that you never write from the point of view of a well-known historical figure, because that puts pressure on you to know that figure inside and out lest you offend your readers who might know the figure's personality and character better than you do! So writers are always advised to create fictional characters through which to tell the historical event, which is exactly what James Cameron has done, and which is why I do enjoy the film and the fictional story, although I do take exception to certain flawed elements and characterizations, some of which have already been mentioned. My main problem is with the way some of the people were portrayed, like Astor, the Major, "Molly" (Puh-leeze!) and the Countess of Rothes. I would have loved to seen Helen Candee portrayed. She was heroic in Boat #6 as much as Margaret Brown, and quite lovely and interesting. IMO.

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