Cameron's Titanic Vs Pearl Harbor


Eric Paddon

There actually is a Pearl Harbor movie more insufferable than "Pearl Harbor" if you can believe it. That's the 1965 Otto Preminger directed "In Harms Way" which has to rank as the most abysmally unauthentic depiction of Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War you will ever see (the bad tone being set at the very beginning with a night before Pearl officer party that is strictly 1960s go-go). Much as I like John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, not even they can save this film from being a turgid mess (not only that but the only two real characters who appear in the film, Admirals Husband Kimmel and Chester Nimitz are deliberately left unnamed so Preminger could fictionalize them in the extreme and avoid a lawsuit).

Maria Fernandez

lol eric.

I think also, despite some on your views of leo (don't even go there with me around lolol), Cameron had a fantastic selection of actors, from Kathy Bates to Kate winslet from Victor Garber to Jonathan hyde. And yes i think leo isa good actor :p

Richard A. Krebes

By the way, the above link contains an excerpt from a historical novella I am writing about the Doolittle Raid that is meant to rebut Disney's awful depiction not only on a historical level, but on a storytelling level as well.
A larger work is planned for the attack on Pearl Harbor with the selfsame goals.
We can combat bad art with good, I believe, and so my Doolittle Raid novella is my opening battle in this crusade of mine.

Richard Krebes

"When truth goes out the window, we all lose something."
-General James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle