Cameron's Titanic

Will there ever be a director's cut special edition for Titanic. I heard it was susposed to be 5 hours long origonaly but that was too much for theaters so they cut it down to 2.5 hrs. If anyone knows if there ever be a directors cut please let me know, if and when it would happen.

Stefan, this one has been kicked around for a very long time now. So far, the official stand of the studio is that the theatrical release is the Director's Cut. If they're planning on an expanded version, they're not saying anything about it. of my colleagues will probably be moving this to the Movies folder in due course. In the meantime, my understanding is that the material edited out of the final cut amounted to 37 minutes, not two hours.

Rumours persist that a so-called "directors cut" will be coming out, but so far, it hasn't happened, and Jim Cameron is on record as saying the theatrical release is the Director's Cut. I reckon there's a possibility that the deleted scenes may be presented as extras in a future Special Edition, but don't believe it until you see it.
One thing I wanted to know at the very beginning of titanic dvd you see what appears to be titanic setting sail from the port was the footage of the actual titanic and passengers boarding for its journey
No it wasn't. But the sets and costuming as well as the camera work was done so well and so accurately that if you didn't know that it was clever Hollywood, you would swear it was real.
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Dan Kappes

It's already on 3D Blu-Ray and regular Blu-Ray, but do you think it will ever be released on 4K Blu-Ray? And do you think it would look great in 4K?

When I saw it in December 2017 when it was briefly re-released in theaters for its 20th anniversary in Dolby Vision, it looked spectacular, almost life-like. I wonder if that was in 4K. If it was, maybe it wouldn't be that hard to make a 4K Blu-Ray of the film.

I'm still waiting for James Cameron's great sci-fi movie The Abyss to be released on regular or 4K Blu-Ray.

Dan Kappes

On the first CD, Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture, a photo of a starboard side view of the Titanic is seen and the disc is colored blue.

On the second CD, Back to Titanic, a closer view of the same starboard hull photo is seen and the disc is colored purple.

Here's a side by side comparison.
titanic cd 1.jpg

titanic cd 2.jpg