Campbell McCutcheon

Apr 18, 2008
Hello everyone

some of you already know me, I'm sure, so hello to Mark, Bruce, Senan, Art, Scott, Steve, Eric, Donald and Charles. Some of you won't though so thought I'd better say 'hi' to you too.

Well, who am I? I'm Campbell, Scottish, 39 and with a penchant for ships. I live in a house called 'Olympic' with a gorgeous wife called Janette and Evie, our 6 year old daughter.

My favourite ship is a four funnelled one - but one built in Scotland, closely followed by a certain Belfast-built vessel whose maiden voyage was in... 1911.

Janette and I have written a few books on ships and on other subjects and I won't bore you with their details, suffice to say that I'll be shocked if some of you don't own a copy or two of one of our books (mainly Janette's ones - unless you like St Kilda or the Home Guard).

As well as ships, for which we both have a passion, we also have a huge collection of antique postcards (some of which are for sale at any one time), and I collect classic cars and microcars - owning a Messerschmitt bubble car and a few other exciting 'toys'.


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