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This photo was taken in New York around mid 1912. It appeared in a book called “The Longshoremen”. Photos of Olympic also appeared in this book. The ships in the book are not identified. I’m trying to narrow down the identity of this ship. First, is it a White Star ship? Next, could it be one of the Big Four? It would be nice to have the specific identity of this ship but I would settle for knowing if it was a White Star ship. Thanks for any help.


Just as I posted this I noticed a White Star flag plate on one of the ship’s boats so we know it is a White Star ship.

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I think the picture could have been taken on-board the Celtic (II), which was as you off-course already know the first liner of the Big Four Ocean Liners. The picture is taken in front of her navigating bridge at the third cargo hatch. One of the main things how you can tell the Big Four apart from each other are the windows on the officers’ quarters deckhouse. Only the Celtic had round windows on her upper-promenade deck of her officers quarters. More detailing why it couldn’t be taken on the Cedric, Baltic and Adriatic will follow below.

The picture couldn’t be taken on the Cedric for example since on the Cedric you would have had square windows on her upper-promenade deck of her officers’ quarters. It couldn’t be taken on-board the Baltic and Adriatic due the same reasons since Harland and Wolff improved upon this on ships following the Celtic.

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