Canada 1912


peter pennington

"Canada 1912" is the title of a chapter in my book "A White Angel" which I wrote last year and that was published in the UK by Ardnamona Publishers. The book is an historical novel about 9/11 but part of the story of the Titanic is featured and readers may like to know why. So for the records: the front cover of the book shows the "Olympic" ie the sister ship of Titanic tied up in Halifax in September 1916. We get a close -up of the vessel and of the whole atmosphere and dress codes of the crew at the time. In the book a fictitious character is present in Halifax at the time of the disaster and there are vivid accounts of what when on during the dramatic few fatal days after the sinking. I did my research! The photograph in 1916 shows the Olympic's decks crowded with Canadian soldiers on their way to fight in France during WW I. My father in law was one of them and the photograph and others in the book come from a family album. Capt Smith was married to a cousin of my grandfather, my father in law sailed on the sister ship of the Titanic and I had links with New York when it suffered the 9/11 disaster. So it all seemed natural to draw these threads together in a novel. I wanted to make a little bit of a contribution to history which brought together different facts via a good story. The book an be obtained direct from
That is a great snap shot of the Olympic on the cover!
I will put the book on my to buy list. Good luck!