Cancelled Passages Aboard Titanic

I am interested in the cancelled ticket of Arthur Lawrence and if any other information is known about him. My great aunt said her friend arthur lawrence work or travelled on the titanic and died. I have seen the records for Arthur lawrence the steward but then came across this record.
One of the family legends is that my grandmother was to sail on the Titanic but her daughter didn't pass the health check (scarlet fever) and she had to sail at a later date. There doesn't seem to be anyway to verify that information.
My grandmother, aged 29/30 at the time, Miss Edith Ellen Fayers of Bradford, West Yorkshire, missed the sail date. Her luggage, however, was still on board the Titanic when she sank. I have not been able to find her record on this site. Could you please help?
my mother was sir charles ross' secretary in washington DC during 1936-42. i was unaware of his connection with titanic until now. i remember him as an extremely generous man, he gave me lots of toys. > jack

Joe Cicak

My grandmother and her infant daughter purchased passage on the Titanic, but missed the boat when the train was late. I have seen the "Bill of Passage" I think it was called with the White Star flag emblem and engraving of the Titanic across the top and their names written on it as passengers. Their fair was $36.50 I believe. Her name was Marie Cicak. Her daughter was Katleen, or Katerina, or some other derivation of Katherine. Not sure why they are not on the list of those who missed the boat.
"Transferring to earlier or later ships; pending business or judicial dealings; personal or family problems; desertion; inadequate accommodations . . . Regardless of the cause, there were a number of bona fide cancellations for Titanic's 10 April departure from Southampton." Is there any way to find out if there exists a list of people who tranferred to earlier ships? I too had an old family story that my grandfather missed the Titanic and with records I have found on Ancestry, I know he arrived in Nova Scotia on April 98, 1912 - one week to the day before the Titanic disaster. I would love to know if he was on some kind of transfer list or if this was more if a myth.
I am interested in finding a full list of people who had purchased tickets but did not board the Titanic for whatever reason. My great great grandfather (William Henry McAllister and wife Annie) was supposed to be on the ship but a few days (?) before the sailing one of his kids caught measles or chicken pox and they did not sail. Can't seem to find a complete list of cancelled ticket holders anywhere!! Help!!


My mother Marie Bauer was to be on the titanic with her grandmother Mary Meier. She was 6 years old. Missed the ship. How can I find out why her name is not on the missed the ship list. Did they have to purchase tickets weeks before it departed?
My great uncle's name was Aaron (Aron) Hodges. His obituary stated that he was scheduled to be on the Titanic but missed his connection. I'm looking for information if he ever purchased a ticket. Unfortunately Chief Machinist Aaron lost his life aboard a US Coast Guard submarine in 1927. Any information about his possible ticket would be greatly appreciated.