Capt. Benoit Lavoie's model

Kareen Healey

Kareen Healey

Here is some photos of a great TITANIC's Model made by Captain Benoit Lavoie, a friend of mine, who has been the Skipper of a Schooner on St-Lawrence River for 35 years. He is 80 now and since he retired in the 2000's he dedicates himself on making models of TITANIC (if interested, he sells the one you see on photo. It's 9 feet long, and he has another model of six feet. If it's sound great to you, get in touch with me and I'll join him. He was invited to Los Angeles, Paris, London, Seattle, Miami, and Toronto by the fame of his models) and schooners. He is learning me how to do it and I'm really fond of this hobby.

By the way, I have a short video of this Model, in MP4, but when I tried to insert it here, it tells me "it runs into trouble" or something like that. Is someone knows why ?? If the "trouble" could be ruled out, I will insert it later.

Thanks !

Ile aux Coudres 17 sept 2019 220
Ile aux Coudres 17 sept 2019 221

Ile aux Coudres 17 sept 2019 223
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Oh wow! What I wouldn't give to have one of those in my house! Most impressive!
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