Capt John Treasure Jones' "Tramp to Queen"


Joe Russo

QM's last captain John Treasure Jones' (auto)biography is coming out in November. It is called "Tramp to Queen." According to the write up, "Captain Treasure Jones died in 1993, but his manuscript was recently found and has been edited by his son-in-law to be reproduced here for the first time."

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Kyle Johnstone

The Treasure Jones book is available now at Amazon UK... ;)

Jerry Nuovo

Here is a book about Cunard Captain John Treasure Jones titled "Tramp to Queen".It will be available on November 1,2008 at

I hope this book is as good as the book "Captain of the Queens" written by Cunard Commodore Harry Grattidge in 1953.Captain John Treasure Jones was in command of the Queen Mary when she sailed her last voyage in 1967 from Southampton,England to Long Beach,California. Jerry