Capt Smith's quarters


mike disch

Description? Details. One room or suite (Yes I know it's next to bridge)
Own bath or shower? own toilet? laptop/modem connection? Cable TV? Whatever
According to the IMAX film "Titanica", his quarters included a sitting room, the collapsed bulkhead of which can be seen in the footage they shot of the wreck site. [Haven't you been across the breezeway to watch IMAX's "Titanica" yet?!?] Since he had a sitting room I'd think he certainly must have had his own toilet and bathing facilities, though I don't know what they were.

As for finer electronics, if he had a sitting room he certainly must have at least had one of those little mini-bars that only charges one for the CornNuts and little bottles of liquor that one actually consumes, though whether or not he had pay-per-view or wireless web access is debatable.
Lisa, I'm not too sure of the bar. For one thing, it wasn't until the twenties that captains did much more entertaining than heading the Captain's Table - and even then, it was traditional for him to do so only the first and last nights out. Besides this, White Star Officers were not supposed to drink on board. That kind of thing was what shore leave was for. I'm not saying it didn't happen and people didn't look the other way, but certainly a bar in the Captain's quarters would be precluded.
Heck Lee, you were going for *accurate* information, (often a precious commodity on the Web), which is quite admirable of you. I appreciate it, and I also learned something about alcohol regulations for White Star Line officers that I didn't know before! :)
Okay, this looks like a good site for what you're trying to find out about. According to this, the captain had a large sitting room, a bedroom and a lavatory (in order from forward to aft) on the starboard side of the Boat deck. This particular plan doesn't show details of the lavatory, so still no word on bath or shower. [Would they have had showers and the ability to make them function properly on board a ship in 1912?] Seems like all descriptions I've seen have mentioned baths, but never showers.

God bless Google is all I can say. I've been looking for good, *readable* deck plans of the Titanic, and it's all here! :))
Dear Lisa et al.: No, actually I haven't been to the IMAX yet, although I probably should ASAP before posting more questions here that already may be answered there. We've been very busy, and I've been putting that off, but thanks for the gentle rebuke. Also, I presume you're local, from your reference re the breezeway. Say hello to the Captain if you come by. (and if EJ is off that day, say hello to the other "Historical Performers." We all use this website.
Mike, Didn't mean to sound like I was rebuking you for not having seen "Titanica" yet! I happen to have the DVD so can access any part of it whenever I like. For what it's worth, the A&E 2-disc DVD set is more recent, *fabulous* and chock-full of information.

Yes, I'm local enough that I'm there every weekend as a volunteer. I brought one of the captains (you, I presume, since the other one I met didn't come across, at least to me, as being quite as intent on historical accuracy as you sound like you are) info. about the IV versus IIII on the clock face.
Damn I feel foolish. No I know who you are. I assume "the other one" refers to one employed by Clear Channel, who they use for their openings. While I wouldn't wish to say anything negative, I very much appreciate your kind words re "historical accuracy", which is something all of us "Historical Performers" are concerned with. That's one of the reasons I hit this website so much. I expect that the 2-Vol DVD you have is the same as the 4-Vol A&E video tape I viewed. For purposes of our roles in the exhbit, our primary focus is on characters, and everything taking place prior to the berg. But for our own interest and best understanding, of course we also learn about the rest. The man who plays LeRoche (Titanic's one black passenger, worked on a French dialect, and is now learning some French. Nora Keene's protrayer picked up, among other things, the book "The Irish on the Titanic," and people always ask of her Irish is for real or an accent. Maria (supposedly from Poland) was asked last week by a Czech man what part of Poland she was from, before she had said anything about it. This is probably my longest post ever; sorry, I got carried away.
Your info sheet on IIII v IV is now in our Titanica Technicalia binder. Thanks again. See you this weekend.
Having now seen "Ghosts of the Abyss", I can say that E.J. indeed had a bathtub all his own. The film doesn't show as much detail of his quarters as one might wish, but definitely more than has been seen before on film!
The deck plan at
is an 'early' deck plan of the Olympic and the Titanic, not the final plan of the Titanic. The Olympic had the Marconi room on the port side, like this, whereas the Titanic had it toward the center of the officer's quarters, around where this plan shows the officer's smoke room.