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Hi everyone,
Well the BBC have been covering the sale of a menucard/postcard recently which went for auction and fetched £7500 ,unfortunately we only had £3000 to spend so we were pretty disappointed when we came away empty handed.
The postcard was posted from QUEENSTOWN by my Great Grandfather Jacob Gibbons 2nd Steward to a Miss Kate Payne who lived in his Dorset home village of STUDLAND and was put up for auction recently by an anonimous Dorset resident and definately no one in the GIBBONS family as we will not part with any artifacts that we have saved over the years.
Jacob was saved in Lifeboat 11 and lived until he was in his late 80s..I still remember him as a very small boy 4 ,and because of the sea in my blood took up a sea going career at 16 and 24 years later still enjoying it.
This site is wonderful keep up the excellent thing though does anyone know which way the TITANIC sailed out of the Solent on her way from Southampton to Cherbourg..did she go east via the Nab or west via the Needles..?
I would like to know as I am frequently in and out of Southampton and would like to imagine that first trip to sea and what Jacob would have seen leaving Southampton.
Many thanks
Capt Alex Gibbons
I don't know if anyone has navigation data quite that exact, but you might get lucky. If anybody knows, my bet is that he/she hangs out here somewhere.

For myself, I'm a retired U.S. Navy petty officer who is glad to see another mariner on the board. Welcome aboard shipmate!

Michael H. Standart
Welcome aboard, Captain Alex Gibbons.

Read your profile and I think its wonderful that you're keeping your family tradition alive...



Inger Sheil

G'day - good to see another member of the maritime community on the board! The sea seems to run in the veins of a few members of the 'Titanic families' - there are Lowes and Murdochs at sea, for example, and others have spouses who sail in the merchant service.

Looking forward to your professional insight - some of the most interesting exchanges we've had on the board have come from the interaction between those who have practical experience, to the fascination of lubbers like myself - my only experience is on the Sydney ferry, friends' pleasure boats, and the week or so a year and odd weekend I spend on dive boats trying to stay out of the way of the crew.


Dear Captain Gibbons,

It is my assumption that the Titanic took
a Western track, passing the Needles on her
way to sea.
I base this thought on the fact that the
Olympic collided with the HMS Hawke off the
Needles whilst heading out in September of
1911. I do not profess to be an expert on
the Solent traffic.

Best Regards
Titanic went east of the Isle of Wight and the Nab light. The Solent was then too shallow for her. In Francis Browne's photos you can see a small ship passing behind Titanic because she could use the Solent. You can also see the forts off Portsmouth falling astern.

The Olympic collision was nowhere near the Needles. I don't have a chart handy, but it was near Spithead.
Thanks everyone for all your greetings and helpful information on the pilotage route the TITANIC took on leaving the Solent ...had an idea it was out though the east as the needles channel is for ever changing with the shingle banks shifting etc ..
I shall find out more information on my great grandfather and post it here shortly
Many thanks

Erik Wood

Welcome aboard Captain Gibbons,

I am one of two (before you joined us) of the other Captains that frequents this board. Captain David Brown being the other. Glad to see that there are other Mariners joining the ranks of ET.

Captain E.D. Wood

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Captain Gibbons,

Welcome aboard! It's great to see another Mariner here.

I look forward to your posts.

Best regards,

Hello Captain Gibbons,

As an unconfirmed landlubber it's great to have someone else on board we can ask for help on techinical and navigational matters.

Regarding your photo, in an exact reinaction of Southampton, April 10th 1912 one of your bridge crew is looking the wrong way and you've got a small liner just about to collide with your port quarter!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhh

Warm regards

Hi Sam,
Thanks for your message,unfortunately the photo wasn't taken in Southampton..out off the coast of Portugal and the other crew member pictured is a ships engineer ..hence the white boiler suit,so he wasn't on lookout duties fact we were at anchor at the time ,awaiting the next tide to enter our port and were fishing over the stern for sea bass..!! Hence my untidy clobber..
Cheers Matey
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