Captain Haddock of Olympic

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Ever wonder what became of the wonderfully named Captain Haddock of Olympic after the disaster?

For the terrible truth, click here and follow the link to his biography. The Titanic affair was evidently too much for him.
It does not seem to be working. Is there an alternative URL? Newspaper reports of when Olympic returned to Southampton stated he looked exhausted and stressed-out, etc.

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LOL, Dave. Two of my kids are Tintin fans, so we probably know at least as much about Tintin's Capt. Haddock as we do about White Star's Capt. Haddock.

For all those who have read Tintin and the Land of Black Gold, have you realised that Thomson and Thompson, disguised as sailors, were wearing hats with the word "TITANIC" on them? Hahahahaha!
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