Captain Peel


Harriet Collingham

Can anyone give me any information about him? I would be very grateful if anyone had date of birth, place of birth, places he lived in, date of death e.t.c to hand, as it would settle a point of curiosity for me. I believe Mark once said he was the final commander of the Olympic?
Many Thanks
Mar 9, 2017
Hi I can get you those details. He was my grandfather. I don't have the details immediately to hand but he was born I think in 1876 and was midshipman on the last tea clipper the Fannie Kerr. He trained on HMS Conway and ended as Commodore of Cunard White Star. He was Captain of Olympic and also Aquaitania, Mauretania and many others. He won the Blue Ribband in 1936 as Captain of the Queen Mary. I think he died in about 1967 when I was 10.

I'd like to know anything else about him that anyone has..

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