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Elizabeth Nieves

Does anyone know if a book about the life and times of the captain was ever written? If so any info is much appreciated
There is a book called "The Man who Sank the Titanic?" by ?. It's quite short but has some worthwhile information. Sorry I can't give more detail but I only glanced through it in the library.
There's a book entitled "The Captain of the Titanic," which is currently listed on ebay (#348146865).
Hi Elizabeth ,

There are two books of which I am aware :-

1. The Man Who Sank the Titanic ? The Life and Times of Captain Edward J. Smith .

Written by Gary Cooper it is published by Witan
Press , second edition 1998 . The address I have for them is Cherry Tree House , 8 Nelson Crescent
Cotes Heath , via Stafford , ST 21 6ST , England

Telephone ( inside UK ) 01782 791673.

ISBN is 0 9529152 2 7

It cost around £ 11-12 pounds and is paperback .
180 pages with illustrations and a Smith family
timeline . I'd recommend it .Gary Cooper is a Stoke on Trent historian and he does use local
knowledge throughout.

The second book is Master of the Titanic which is a biography of the Captain by a descendant of his half brother Joseph Hancock a lady called Pat Lacey . I think she is probably a distant niece.Based on fact there is a lot of detail
about Smith's childhood , his early days at sea , marriage to Eleanor and his daughter Helen .
There is a helpful epilogue telling what happened to his family after the disaster.
The style is that of biographical novel ie
unlike the Cooper book it reads like a novel ,
so there is some speculation about aspects
of his life ,but that does not get in the way
of the detailed factual information .

The book is available from the publishers who are the Book Guild Ltd , 25 , High Street , Lewes
Sussex England .

ISBN is 1 85776 221 5

Both books are I recall available on Amazon .

You may also wish to check out the site entitled The Enchanted Titanic which has a lot of info
on the Captain and his family I don't have the
web address to hand but it should show up on your search engine OK .

Like you I have an interest in the Captain and his family and if you need more information please let me know .


Scott Blair

PS I just realised I did not format this !