Captain Smith brother and sister


Dorothy Harris

I would like to know did Captain Edward John Smith
have any brother and sister?
Capt. Smith had a half-brother, Joseph Hancock, and a half-sister, Thirza Hancock (Mrs. William Harrington).
the only reference to any sibling I interpret is
on the encyclopedia listing on Capt. Smith is at
the bottom of the page within the census. Unless
I've misread it, it shows he had a sister some 15
years older than he. Other that that, I've seen
no other mention or references to his family other
that his wife and daughter.

There is also a webpage entitled "The Enchanted Titanic", I believe, started by a descendant of Capt. Smith. The page was set up for relatives of any Titanic passengers or crew to get in contact with others.

The address is: www

There are several listings under E J Smith.

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Thanks for that posting. This is a very interesting site and will helpful in my research on California-related passengers.
Mike Herbold
Lakewood, Calif

I have a fair amount of information on Captain
Smith's half brother and some on his half sister.

I will collate this and post it shortly.

You may wish to know that EJ Smith served on
a sailing ship commanded by Hancock and it is
quite possibly this link with the sea
encouraged him to leave his first known job
working in an iron foundry in Hanley and seek
a better and more adventurous life at sea.
Had hoped for an update on the Hancocks- Phil, I know you have been looking in Savannah. Any news? I thought I might call the museum where the Hancock letters were donated to see who donated them and if there is an address of the donor. Savannah is the last place documented I know of-although somewhere I seem to have heard about Frank and family moving later to upstate New York.... I think there can be much value into this line of inquiry regarding Capt. Smith- Brain Trust- heave to! If you missed it back in January- the letters are here:

Hi Shelley,
Yes--more headway has been made--even got a great photo of Frank Hancock, his second wife and three children. I've found the family :)--though it took awhile. Will put something together when I've finished and probably submit an article to the BTS or ITHS. Just got a copy of his birth certificate as well. Still can't find anything about what happened to the first wife but she has to have died in Georgia as Frank remarried and had children before leaving Atlanta circa 1916.

Will keep you posted.

Shelley--a P.S. When Frank and family left Atlanta they went to Maryland, not New York.

This was worth the wait- and only 24 years too! Maryland- ! Being a Baltimore gal I hope it was there. Am BREATHLESS waiting for the photo of Frank- have had such a picture of him in my mind since reading those letters so long ago. Did he have a daughter? Don't keep us in suspense too much longer- am not getting any YOUNGER and have already waited over two decades! Any idea what kind of business he was in or who Churchill and Myers were?
Shelley--have no clue who Churchill and Myers were. Frank had a daughter Eleanor born in 1920. As for occupation, all I can tell you is that he was a "manufacturer." Sorry--it wasn't Baltimore--he lived in suburban D.C.

I'm not getting any younger either! (50 next year)-so I assure you I'm hurrying!

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Was it Silver Spring????!!!!Eleanor after Mrs. Smith- how SWEET!m We can celebrate our half-century together- I will get there FIRST and you can always remind me.
I reckon General Gordon, Churchill and Myers might have been dogs or cats. General Gordon wa killed at Khartoum in 1885, Churchill was already well-known in politics and it may have been somebody's idea of fun to name pets after them.