Captain Smith in 1911


Christine Geyer

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I'm searching for information on EJ in 1911. I know that of course from the middle of June on he was on command of the Olympic. But can anyone help me with the months prior to his Olympic-time in 1911? Especially is there any indication that in 1911, possibly shortly before the Olympic's departure, he had a stop in Malta??

Any help is much appreciated!

Sorry Christine - my notes are all still in transit. Perhaps if Gary Cooper drops in again he can help you with more specific data. All I can tell you at this point is that he was in command of the Adriatic prior to transferring the Olympic, and off hand I can't think of a reason why he'd be in Malta in the first part of 1911.
Sorry Christine that I can't help with specific details either. However, I am able to add that EJ was certainly in Malta on several occasions. He sat for a fine portrait photograph in Valletta and the date of that was - at the earliest -1909. Yes, 'Titanic' would have reached Constantinople!
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Yes I had been wondering about positioning Smith in Malta around that time too. The Adriatic was on route from Liverpool to New York. Still I thought there might have been a reason of which I don't know of, as I must admit I don't have a very detailed knowledge about EJ.

Don, thank you very much as well. And welcome on the board! There is a very interesting point in your posting. Will contact you privately about that.

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Don, I have tried to send you a private message but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. Could you please contact me under my mail address [email protected] ???

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Hello Christine - I'm pleased to report that your private message to me is received; thanks to ET! I will now e-mail you via the address you last posted. I am pleased to be of what little help I can, and delighted at your warm 'Welcome a-Board'.