Captain Smith's bathtub and other objects in the room of the wreck

Scott Tucker

May 10, 2016
Hello all.
I have looked closely at the images showing Captain Smith's bathtub in the wreck. It's obvious his bedroom and sitting room are pretty much destroyed but I did notice some interesting things in the photo of his bath tub.

There might be luggage or other personal effects beneath the debris in the bedroom unless it was all washed away during the decent.

There are some interesting objects that so far, I have yet to see anyone anywhere on the web comment about. Take a look at the image I have uploaded. Does anyone have any idea what these objects might be?

I have also noticed all of the open windows in some of the Officer's quarters but does anyone know if a light has been pointed in there with photos of what the rooms now look like?
Mar 18, 2008
The stuff around belongs all to his bathroom, there was already somewhere discussed but I can not remember if it was on Facebook or TRMA Forum.
I do not think there will be any luggage, for example one bag belonging to 1st Officer Murdoch was discovered in the debris field. They had a look with the ROV (for example Ballard with the ROV JJ) look though some windows but it was that of one of the 1st class rooms. James Cameron had a look inside in 2001. (The remaining officer quarters which were not destroyed are mainly damaged.)

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