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Captain Smith's Family

Discussion in 'Captain Edward John Smith' started by Beatrice Kaiser, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Hi!
    I just want to ask you, where EJ and his family lived 1912 and the years before? And And how much children had EJ and his wife?
    Love, Bea happy.gif
  2. Gary.J Bell

    Gary.J Bell Member

    I just read the last thread about the descendants of first class passengers.
    I was wondering if anyone knew about captain smith's descendants, if they had any involvement in titanic research/interviews? or are they reluctant to come into discussion on the matter.
  3. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    Hello Gary,

    I'm not sure how involved Captain Smith's descendants are in these types of things. Inger may know, as she has researched the crew extensively.

    This thread doesn't belong in this topic area, so I'm going to move it to the Crew Research where it will generate a better response.
  4. Jason: A good move. We will follow it closely.
  5. Gary.J Bell

    Gary.J Bell Member

    Thanx - so has anyone discovered anything about the smith's involvement in titanic matters?
  6. Gary.J Bell

    Gary.J Bell Member

    As you can tell from above, i posted a message here a long time ago. Has anyone in particular Inger Sheil! as i was told to ask, got any idea whether Captain Smith's descendants have ever been traced and/or participated in Titanic research? Thanks
  7. Ernie Luck

    Ernie Luck Member


    Gary Cooper is the expert on Capt. Smith's family history and I believe he has said elsewhere that there are no surviving descendants of his only daughter. Surviving distant cousins, yes.
  8. There are cousins living in Maryland and Connecticut and are related through the Frank and Fred Hancock connection.
  9. Ernie Luck

    Ernie Luck Member


    There are a lot of distant cousins in the UK that come from the Smith's. Of course they are now several generations removed.

    Regards Ernie
  10. Hi there everyone - I have only just joined and this is my first message to you all.I am one of the distant cousins to Captain Smith.My great grandmother Sarah maiden name Smith, born 1959 in Wolstanton Staffordshire was his cousin. Her father was George Smith born 1822 Hanley Staffordshire who was brother to Captain Smith's father Edward born 1807 Hanley Staffordshire.She married my great grandfather John Harris born 1852 Cheadle Staffordshire,they had one son named Frederick born 1888 Hanley who was my grandfather,his son was my father Stuart born 1921 Birches Head Hanley.I was born 1947 Gnosall near Stafford.There you go told you my family tree now, I have researched the Smith family back to Edward Smith born abt 1744 Stafford who married Jane Blakemore in 1760 at Bradely near Stafford.If anyone has any information on the family tree,I would be very gratefull.I have copies of baptisms for George and Edward, so I am sure of the definate connection.Their parents were Edward and Elizabeth who were definately grandparents to my great grandmother Sarah.She was special guest of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress at the showing of the premier Titanic film shown at the Odean Cinema Hanley,in the 50's,she was over 90 years old then; got a photo to prove it!Anyway thanks for your time.Hope to speak to you all again soon.
  11. Ernie Luck

    Ernie Luck Member

    Hello Norma

    I was very pleased to see your post to this site. I have researched the family of George Smith not because of any relationship on my part but as a result of contact with a cousin of yours.

    I have been researching the later generations of the Mason's, the famous pottery family of Fenton, Stoke on Trent. Mark Mason, the grandson of Charles James Mason who patented the famous Ironstone China married your great Aunt, Elizabeth Smith. (Cousin of E.J.) In this connection I was in touch with Elizabeth's great granddaughter, a third cousin of yours, whose illustrious ancestors are the Mason's and also the famous Spode family.

    It was mentioned in passing that your cousins grandchildren were more interested in their connection to Captain Smith than their famous Potter ancestors.

    I was intrigued by this and spent the next six months researching their connection to Capt. Smith which I was delighted to be able to confirm.

    I have a photograph of your great grandmother, Sarah with her elder sister Elizabeth, which I think would be about 1910 - the hats give a clue.

    Since I am a researcher and not a relation, I am not really able to discuss your cousins family without their approval, so I will contact you privately through this site.

    Regards Ernie
  12. Hi Eric
    Just received your email re. my third cousins. I was quite confused at first, but now I have read your last post it is becoming a lot clearer to me.Fancy you have a photo of my great grandmother Sarah with her sister Elizabeth.Is it possible to have a copy in exchange for the one I have got of my grandmother at the Odean cinema? I think I have just found the marriage of Elizabeth.
  13. Ernie Luck

    Ernie Luck Member

    Hi Norma

    Yes, it's incredible that i've got a picture of your gr-grandmother - it's a small world.

    The premier that Sarah attended in Hanley would be the 1953 film 'Titanic' I would think? Almost certain to be in the local paper the 'Sentinel'. Do you have the newspaper article?
  14. Hi Ernie
    I have got the photo of the article from the Sentinel offices at Etruria also found more family photos and paperwork on the family tree - I will be in touch again soon
  15. Ernie Luck

    Ernie Luck Member

    Hi Norma

    Thanks for emailing the newspaper article and photo of those attending the premier in Hanley of the 1953 film 'Titanic'. Apart from your gr-grandmother, who was E. J's, cousin, I wonder who the other Smith's were who were present? I am intrigued by Midshipman W Russell- Smith? Perhaps Gary Cooper could place him.
  16. Hi - many thanks for all your help on my ancestor Captain Smith.Ernie luck has given me lots of extra information to add to my Smith family tree.I have been researching the family tree for over 8 years and it's all really exciting to find new information. Cheers Norma
  17. As a new member of the group I have been reading the earlier postings with interest. Regarding Mrs Russell Cooke, Captain Smith's daughter, I had always understood that in 1925 she married Sidney Cooke, a stockbroker, and moved into a country house near Witney in Oxfordshire. As far as I know, her grandchildren still reside in the locality. Local people still remember "The Titanic captain's daughter".
    Stanley C.Jenkins
  18. Ernie Luck

    Ernie Luck Member

    Hi Stanley

    Your first post - welcome to ET.

    I think on this issue you must be mistaken. Both of Mrs Russell-Cooke's twins died childless.

    Have a look at the detail under the second sub-topic heading 'Capt. Smith's family'
  19. Helle Ernie,

    Thank you for the information. Yes, I have read the details about Helen Melville Russell Smith elsewhere on the site and am slightly confused about who the "third generation" family members in Oxfordshire might be - cousins perhaps? I will try to find out a little more.

    Mrs Russell Cooke lived in a Cotswold stone cottage overlooking the green at Leafield, where she died suddenly on 18 August 1973. In her last years she had employed a local lady called Mrs Dore as a cleaner/housekeeper. Mrs Dore once showed me one or two treasured relics including Captain Smith's pocket knife engraved with the legend "EJS 1906".

    I was told that Mrs Russell Cooke rarely mentioned the sinking, at least not to the villagers, although they all seem to have known about the tragic events which had marked her life.

    Sidney Russell Cooke was found shot dead in his office in 1930. There was a police enquiry, but I cannot find any further mention in The Times. It was certainly not a hunting accident.
  20. Further to the accidental death of Mrs Russell Cooke's husband, it appears that he was cleaning his shotgun by holding the weapon in his left hand, while pointing it towards his stomach so that he could manipulate the cleaning rod. It must have been loaded and went off. Mrs Russell Cooke was too ill to attend the funeral.