Captain Smith's Family

Hi Kevin

Looking at the records I have that were provided by Norma Williamson, a cousin of Capt Smith's, three generations removed, although Edward married in Ranton his parents were married in Bradley, Staffordshire. Is that far away? Checking relationships that far back can be very difficult because it's difficult to verify, especially with a common name like Smith.

Parish Records would be your best bet - do you live near enough for that to be feasible. E.J's gr-grandfather was an Edward Smith born about 1744, who married a Jane Blakemore, born about 1748. Married 27/12/1760 in Bradley.
Thanks for your help Ernie.
Ranton and Bradley are both small hamlets very close to each other approximately 4.7 miles with tiny populations .Probably even smaller in those days.
Any help you or anyone else can give me will be really appreciated can.
I suppose im looking for children of Edward Smith the captains Gr grandfather born 1744 or brothers of the captains grandfather as my descendant Richard was born in Ranton around 1793 and his wife Mary born in Chebsey. Chebsey,Ranton and Bradley are all within a few miles of each other.
The captains grandfather was married in Ranton and my last descendant Richard born Ranton in 1793.

Its looking likely Richards Father was the Captains grandfathers brother,

HELP lol.
I have found the following
Mary Anne
Birth 1806 [1]
Gender Female
Person ID I8380 Enchanted Family Tree
Last Modified 8 May 2010

Father Edward SMITH, b. 16 Apr 1775, Stafford, Staffordshire, England , d. 23 May 1838, Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
Mother Elizabeth TOMS, b. 1778, Staffordshire, England , d. 12 Jun 1841, Hanley, Staffordshire, England
Family ID F335 Group Sheet

Children 1. William JOHNSON, b. 1835

Last Modified 8 May 2010

On the census 1851 My descendant Richard my great,great great grandfather is married to a Mary aged 45.This ties up with the captains grandfather who has a daughter Mary,

This would mean a Smith would be marrying a Smith.
This ties up with the captains grandfather who has a daughter Mary born 1806,

This would mean a Smith would be marrying a Smith possibly.

This would make my great great great grandmother Mary .The captains auntie.

So basically can anyone tell me if the captain had a auntie Mary, daughter of the captains grandad who married a Richard Smith.
Hi Kevin,

The tree you highlight obviously has different gr-grandparents. As I said, this is based on information provided by Norma Williamson so I'm not really able to comment on this generation. However, we did independently research subsequent generations and our findings were in agreement.

I know Norma did her research with numerous visits to the Stafford record office. Parish records are compiled within each of the various individual church records which does narrow the field a bit.

There are some obvious errors in the tree you highlight, for example he married Catherine Hancock formerly Marsh, a widow on 2 August 1841 in Shelton; not on the date and location on this chart. So it looks like the wrong Marsh on your chart; it gives me no confidence in it whatsoever and I would back Norma's efforts any day.

Incidentally did you find your Richard on the 1841 census?

Regards Ernie
Hi Kevin

Our post's crossed and I responded to the chart you asked me to comment on. I did not see your subsequent posts until now.

Norma has on her chart a number of children of Edward and Elizabeth Tams. Edward c (christened) 10/5/07; Mary Anne c 28/5/1809; Jane c 11/9/1816; William c 1/6 1818; Phyllis c 16/9/1821 and George c 1/12/1822. Edward, George, and Jane we have no doubt about.

There is a chance that your speculation of the relationship could be correct. I think it needs more confirmation though. It's too easy to make assumptions as we saw on the chart you asked me to comment on. Do you have verified evidence of the family connection back to the 1851 census?
Kevin, I've noticed a problem with the Mary-Anne connection. Mary-Anne was born in Hanley not Chebsey
Ernie back to the drawing board fo me can you help?
I need to find Richards father then all could be revealed.I have struggled with access to the 1841 census but i assume he would still be living in Maer as he was the 1851 census.
Richard is 58 and born Ranton his wife Mary 48 born Chebsey in the 1951 census.

Son Richard 22
Son John 20
Daughter Mary 16
Son William 12
Son Thomas 10
Son Henry 7

All children born Mill Meece.

Ernie in answer to your question my family was easy to trace back through my father and all the census from 1901,back to 1851.

Richard is my great great great grandad,his son Henry my next generation,then his daughter Ann had a illigitimate child Richard my grandad.Then my father Henry Hubert,just stuck prior to 1951.
Kevin, I have located the 1841 census entry. It's a wonder it was transcribed because like a lot of this census it is extremely faint. The ages differ slightly but that is not unusual.

father Richard born 1796
mother Mary 1806
son John 1831
son James 1834
daughter Easter? 1836
daughter Mary 1837
son William 1839
son Thomas 1841

Henry was not yet born; James & Easter were not on 1851 census. May have died or living elsewhere. All the children were born in Millmeece.

Census details: Location - MillMeece, Eccleshall

RG number HO107; Piece 988: Book Folio 14/4; page 2.
Ernie great work.I really appreciate your help and hopefully the other person will be able to help Its all tieing up a little.

I now been told by a friend they have seen the marriage certificate for Richard Smith(my grgrgr grandfather) born approx 1793 (Ranton) to Mary Dunn (Chebsey) on 14 July 1828.
Daughter Mary 16
Son William 12
Son Thomas 10
Son Henry 7

Going back from this im stuck finding the illusive ranton link with the capatins grandfather Edward to my family in Ranron,but at least we have ruled out somethings now we know Richards wife was Mary Dunn My email for you contact me is [email protected]
Hi Kevin,

Formal marriage certificates were not adopted until 1837, I believe, so it would probably be the parish record. It might show the father but there should be witnesses who might be relatives and this could be of help.
Been to the register offices today and found out Richards Father was John and his wife Esther christened Richard in Ranton 1793.Richard had two brothers John and Joseph
Another generation back achieved,

Also found out whilst Edwards grandfather was from bradeley it was still classed as parish of Ranton during that period.
Hi Kevin

Thanks for the update. I was a bit concerned that there were no 'Edward's' in your family tree. They were very strong on family names in those days.