Captain Smith's Irish Wolfhound


mike disch

Per Cooper's bio (Man who Sunk Titanic?) he had an Irish Wolfhound as a pet. Anyone know the dog's name? Any pix?
I believe the dog was a Russian Wolfhound, otherwise known as a Borzoi. I don't know the dog's name, however.
As well as the famous photograph of EJ and his dog, another was taken (on the same occasion) of the dog on its own. Like Tracy, I do not know the dog's name. However, for years I've had the 'memory' from somewhere that's its name or its nickname - being thoroughbred - was 'Boris'. If Gary is unable to prove me wrong and we would all enjoy referring to EJs Russian wolfhound by name, is 'Boris' not Godunov?
I'd love to know the mutt's name too...Boris is as good an alternative as any to 'Fred'. Only recently came across the name of one of Lowe's favourite dogs - he'd scrawled it on the back of one of the photos. Wish I knew the name of puppy that the young Moody boys had that their mother said they loved 'very much'...and the name of Boxall's beloved cockerspaniels from his old age that I've jotted down somewhere or other.
There's a pic of captain smith with his wolf hound on aboard Oylimpic with a cigar in his hand,and his dog is white. Has any body else seen this pic before?
I found this pic ion the internet.It's a real pic of captain smith and dog,i type in titanic captain edward john smith 1912. the pic doest always show up, but once in a while it does,think i seen it twice before. Cheers
The borzoi was a gift, I believe, for EJ's little daughter, Mel, from his friend Mr Guggenheim. Mel and Peggy Guggenheim were almost exactly the same age; Peggy's love of dogs would become legendary. Mel, as her father had, called this grand Russian aristocrat of a dog simply and endearingly 'Ben'.
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