Captain Smith's Medals

Adam Usher

Oct 26, 2004
I dont know much about metals and such but is it possible for the captains medals to still be found, or have they been found?

Mark Draper

Aug 24, 2001
Well, you'd have some digging to do. They might be buried in mud. Charles Pellegrino's book Ghosts of the Titanic mentions how on the 1998 expedition how he and Roy found some tiny bits of glass, some officer's uniform buttons, and screws inside a concretion.

The medals could be anywhere out there.

Ernie Luck

Nov 24, 2004

I was asked the question in an email, "What did I think happened to Capt. Smith's medals? My response was probably the same as most members of ET would be, that he was known to wear them and they almost certainly went down with the ship. He is seen wearing them in a lot of the available photo's of him and although not an authoritative source, he is shown wearing them in James Cameron's 'Titanic' film.

I do not know whether the medals would have survived in sea water; the transport medal was made of silver and the RNR decoration was silver and silver gilt. Trying to locate them would be like looking for the proverbial 'needle in a haystack' assuming they survived the ravages of salt water. They would be worth a small fortune if recovered.

I am a great fan of Capt Smith, so I am not knocking him in any way, but the RNR Decoration, as grand as it sounds, was for long & meritorious service in the Royal Naval Reserve, and the Transport Medal was a campaign medal. Gosh! if I had medal presented by His Majesty, King Edward VII, I would wear it it on every possible occasion. It was part of Capt. Smith's persona, a great man loved and respected by his passengers and fellow officers.

Regards, Ernie

Keith H

Oct 13, 2017
Looing at the pictures of Captain Smiths bathtub and also the ships plans of his cabin one notice's that behind the wall that separates the bathroom from Captain Smiths cabin is shown a desk .
It is quite tantalizing if anything remains of his desk or the contents therein perhaps lying in the silt of the cabin floor.
That would be a part to explore on any new dive to the wreck to see what could be found.