Captain Smith's Personal effects

I do not sell anything from the website, it is all freely available, as I believe history, especially surrounding a tragedy, should be. He was simply selling it himself, without acknowledgement or permission etc.
Are you still moaning about this?
I took it down days after we communicated.
Nobody bought one.
I was charging $5.99 USD and by the time I printed and packaged it, I was making nothing on it anyway.
I make Titanic items available to the common middle class guys like me at affordable prices.
I provide a service.
But when you begged me to take it down I did.
So why are you STILL carrying on?
I thought that we had buried the hatchet long ago.
I respect you and your research.
Can we please move on?
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OK. That's enough of that. Back to Capt. Smith's personal effects.

Moderator's hat off.
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Ive meet somebody that is a titanic nut like us. He owns titanic captain ej smiths teapot which his wife brought him, which He owned pre titanic and I got to hold smiths teapot. He has papers to go with it. He also owns Thomas Whitley clock that his finance brought him. He also owns other important titanic objects.

Hello Aly,

I’m trying to find out which private collector listed Captain Smith’s Locket along with Titanic Survivor, Mrs Marion Estelle Kenyon’s jewellery items with the Beloit Auction Services in April 2012 to mark the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic?

I recently became the new custodian of the two jewellery artefacts belonging to Mrs Frederick Roland Kenyon when they were auctioned a couple of months ago.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.