Captain's bath state

Jul 5, 2016
I understand from the recent 2019 expedition, the deckhouse is starting to go - the Captain's Bath is no longer visble. What can be speculated about the tub's state? Is is simply buried deeper in muck, or did the tub suddenly crash through into the decks beneath? It must be somewhere still, lost in the abyss.

IMO, of all the details that could be lost, I wouldn't pull hairs over the tub. While iconic on the wreck itself, seems it would pale trivial recovered in an exhibit, unlike say the Marconi set which I do believe is a viable artefact worth extracting.

Scott Mills

Jul 10, 2008
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
The porcelain of the tub would not have deteriorated at all. It very well may have broken when the roof collapsed, but that is unknown. What we do no is that the tub is no longer visible, likely buried under the wreckage of the roof.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
One of the facts that came out is that the roof over the officers quarters is in a state of slow but ongoing and progressive collapse. A deterioration which has continued unabated even though nobody had visited the wreck since 2012. This puts the lie to the notion that expeditions have caused the decay. Absent any human presence, it's been going on and it has been since 1912.

Everything recycles in nature. (Including us!) Everything.
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