Captain's Obituary


Sherry Tripp

Besides the normal newspaper write-ups at the time of the sinking does anyone have an actual obituary of Captain Edward John Smith? Also, we keep hearing of the Captain's half brother and sister from his mother's first marriage but does anyone have information on the half brothers and sisters from his father's first marriage?
My grandfather (John Smith) is related to Edward Smith and we are also looking for information on the obituary as well as the grave (if any) registered to his name. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Karrie,

That's very interesting that your grandfather is related to him. The only information that I know of is the info in his biography. Here is the link: http://www.encyclope /c/d/smith_ej.shtml

Their are a few theories as to what happened to him during the Titanic's final moments. Unfortunately, his body was never found after the sinking and I don't know if an obituary was published or not.

As for a grave, their isn't one as far I know. Their is a statue of him in Lichfield, England which was erected by his daughter Helen Smith. Also, their is a memorial plaque dedicated to him in Hanley Town Hall, in Hanley Stoke-on-Trent, England. I'm sure someone else could help you out more.

I hope this helps.

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Like Jason said there isn't a grave because there was no body to be found. What Jason gave you was a good link. theres something on the Lowe FLotilla that gives an exellent bio on Smith I'll check it out and send it to you when I get the time.
Karrie. Welcome! Maybe you can help me out. It does not say very much of Captain Smith in relation to who exactly "John Smith" was to him. Would it be that this is his father's brother's side of the family? How many siblings did his father have?
My Grandfather had a form of obituary for Captain Smith which named his grandmother, Elizabeth Smith, as the Captain's sister. She was his father's daughter from a first marriage and was about 22 years older then the Captain. I've been trying to find Edward Sr.'s first marriage but have had no luck so far.