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Jack Killington

does any1 have any pics or sketches of the quarters of smith,murdoch n the other deck officers?

if so, please please please post them

None exist, Jack.
If someone where to sketch them, it would be off of per imagination. We know the rooms, but we don't know what they looked like. Unless someone has these pictures in a private collection, we will forever have to wonder.
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Hi Jack,

If you get a set of general arrangement plans they will show the furniture arrangement in each of the Officer's cabins. If you have seen photos of washstands and wardrobes in other cabins you can pretty much get a feel for what they would have looked like.

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Hey,What did captain smith's room look like.Iv'e only seen one pic of it and that was on a documentry. Ive only seen the captains room under the sea but i would like to see what it look like brand new. Help please. Cheers
Captain Smith had three rooms. He had a bathroom, which has been photographed in the wreck. Forward of that was a bedroom, which was quite basic, with a bed and places for clothes. Further forward was his sitting room, with a table and a settee. It also had wardrobes. Behind the wheelhouse was a room intended for the use of a pilot. It might have been used by Smith if he needed a nap, as it was handy to the bridge.

The rooms would have been fairly plain and solidly built. There seems to be no provision for Smith to hold meetings in his quarters, except perhaps with one or two officers. To a seaman brought up in sail, it probably seemed quite pleasant.
Hi Dave, was there any pics taken ever of the captains rooms?
Yeah same here, i heard that he was quitet gentle man.How about captains daughter helen,Dave have you seen pics of her. I try and look on the net but no i can't find any pics.
>>was there any pics taken ever of the captains rooms?<<

I'd be surprised if a few weren't taken. The problem is that in terms of publicity, Olympic was given pride of place with little thought given to her more notorious sister. That's why so few photos were ever taken of the ship and why most surviving photos are probably in private hands.

The best photographic record of the ship is the Father Brown collection which was taken during the run from Southampton, to Cherbourg, and on to Queenstown. The reason it survived is because Father Brown disembarked in Queenstown.
Thanks!Well the oylimpic's captain room should be the exactly the same as the oylimpics. So there should be alot of the captains room.Cheers
>>Well the oylimpic's captain room should be the exactly the same as the oylimpics.<<

Uhhhhh...It may be close but exact is probably a bit of a stretch. As with any ship, Titanic had improvements built in which didn't exist in her older sister and wouldn't until the next refit. That said, I doubt any radical revisions were made and unless you had a well trained eye, you would be hard pressed to see any signifigent differences. There just wasn't a lot of reason to do a lot with a basic and perfectly adaquate design.
Alyson, I can't find a good photo of Helen Melville Smith online. To complicate life, there is a modern sculptor of the same name and there are photos of her. has a poor photo of her unveiling the statue of Captain Smith, but she has her back to the camera.

There is a good photo of her as a small child in the replica of The Daily Mirror for 22 April 1912, if you can find one. She's sitting on her mother's knee. Offhand, I don't know of one in a book.
There's a picture of Ms. Smith---as an adult, of course---with Laurence Naismith, who played her father in ANTR, in Simon Mills' The Titanic in Pictures, at p. 70.
Thanks guys,Dave is there a chance of finding the pic of helen sitting with her mum on her knee,i'l love to see it, but i don't think i would find it.

Mark same with you,is there any chance of you showing the pic of her at the movie preimer.
YOU guys are more skilled than i am.

I knew about her ages ago but i check on the net and there's no pic sof her ,just her dad edward.
i'm so desperate to see what she looks like.
If you can't show me those pics can you guys decribe what she looks like to me please. Thanks guys. I promise i won't ask any more about anything. Cheers
Mark same with you,is there any chance of you showing the pic of her at the movie preimer.

Sorry, Alyson, but both the photo (probably) and the book (certainly) are still under copyright, so I can't post the photo here. Try seeing if your local library has it or can get it for you through an inter-library loan.

By the way, the photo I mentioned wasn't taken at the film's premiere; it was taken during filming, with Naismith in costume as Capt. Smith.

I promise i won't ask any more about anything.

No need to make such a promise.
Mark, what book should i look for at the libary?
And can we try inter-library loan.
thanks for you're help.
Alyson, the book I mentioned is Simon Mills' "The Titanic in Pictures."