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Cargo ship with load question

Discussion in 'Other Topics' started by Mila, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Mila

    Mila Member

    Two frames below are from a video I filmed during recent fires. As you see it was very, very hazy. That ship's load looks unusual IMO. It looked unusual all the time I was watching, but the appearance did not change for a few minutes, and then something strange happened to some of her containers (lower frame). See what I mean? It lasted for a few seconds and then returned to the way it was before. So I wonder if you believe that ship's load looks normal?

  2. Mila

    Mila Member

    I enhanced the pictures in a photoshop. Maybe now you could tell me what is wrong with the ship. Also how far you believe the ship is away from the camera? ship 1.jpg
  3. B-rad

    B-rad Member

    The zoom was increased. Look at the lettering of the ship. One pic is of the whole ship the next from the NE forward. Zoom naturally makes everything bigger. Am I missing something???? Please tell me if I am cause I'm curious...what am I missing lol
  4. What is your question ?
    It looks normal to me ?
    Just the difference from a lens taken with a wider field of view compared to one taken with a telephoto lens with a narrower field of view (When you zoomed in. further)
    The ship appears to be just over the horizon. If you were taking the picture with the camera at eye level , I would guess the ship is 2 or 3 miles from you.
  5. Mila

    Mila Member

    Well, it just does not look as a regular cargo ship's load.
    See, for example, this image https://c8.alamy.com/comp/CRWAF9/ny...-on-the-solent-near-southampton-uk-CRWAF9.jpg
    All stacks of containers are about the same size. In the ship I saw there are some big breaks between containers, or maybe a smaller stacks. I could not find an image like that on the NET. Then on the lower frame there are breaks between the front containers that you could see through.IMO it is also kind of strange.She turned of course, but still I do not understand how I was able to see through. It lasted for a second or two.
    Actually here's the video. It is very hard to see because of the haze. (I enhanced the screenshots, but I could not do the same with the video)
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  6. I'm just guessing. LOL

    Now I see what you mean about the load.

    I don't have the slightest idea of how the operations of these container ships are handled.
    Most of the pictures you see show them fully loaded with the containers stacked solid, fore to aft, port to starboard and up to a stack as much as five high.

    I had assumed they were loaded to full capacity at one port and completely unloaded at another port.

    But maybe this ship has picked up a light load at one port and is proceeding to another port to load more.
    Or it has unloaded most of the containers at one port and has a few left for another port.
    I haven't seen any pictures of a completely empty container ships nor any as lightly loaded as in your pictures.

    Sort of related to this, but my idea of the Steerage quarters on ships like the Titanic would be that they were loaded to near or full capacity for the westbound voyage to America.
    But who would be going Steerage on the eastbound return to Europe ?
    Tourists on a lower budget than those on Second or First Class ?
    Were there any returning to their homeland after maybe not having luck in America ?

    Spell Check kept trying to put "Steerageble" instead of "Steerage" when I first typed this. LOL.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018