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Alexis N. Marlow

I read a book entitled 'Ghosts of the Titanic' by Charles Pellegrino, recently, and came across a particularly strange paragraph regarding the young Asplund children. I have typed the paragraph below:
"....and a shred of clothing. 'A shred that gave me the impression of an undershirt,' I told Bill, 'A very small undershirt.'
Bill asked, 'How many children were lost on the Titanic?' 'Fifty-five,' I replied. 'All but one from the third cabin. In the end, the crew were deciding even very young boys old enough to be men. There's a story about a pair of twins, only five years old. The officer sent the girl into the lifeboat-' and I noticed that Bill's attention seemed to be focused on a single photograph from the turren assemblage: the one showing a bit of undergarment that looked too disturbinly small.
'And they kept the boy behind.' Bill finished for me.
'Yes. His name was Carl Asplund.'
Bill handed me the photograph and said, 'You might have found him.'"

Could the remains of the small undershirt have been Carl's? If his father, his brothers, and he happened to jump into the water, too close to the ship or deciding to stay onboard, could they have been pulled by the ship's suction underwater? And could little Carl Jr. have been laid to rest in the spot where the undershirt lay?
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