Caroline Endres Nurse to Mrs Astor


Lori Endres

I am looking for more information about Caroline Louise Endres. She was Mrs Astor's private nurse and was rescued with her. If anyone has any info about her could you please E-mail me at [email protected]!

Lori Endres


Re: Caroline Louise Endres
Did Caroline Have any hobbies known??

Keiko Kawasaki

What was the role of Caroline Endres, Mrs. Astor's nurse? She already had a maid (Rosalie Bidios) and according to what I've heard Mrs. Astor wasn't that far along, so was Caroline there just in case Mrs. Astor went into early labour or did she have another job?

Mauro Zungri

The Endres young lady, if she does not fail the memory, was in charge the referred thing of the pregnancy of Madeline; while Mrs. BiGod towards a the other types of care.
P/d: Remember that Madeline and JJ returned of a long trip.

João Carlos Pereira Martins

Caroline had nursing train and, as Mauro already said, they had been on a long trip, and a pregnant woman needs special treatment, she could went into labour or have another kind of complication, and women in this condition are much more sensitive to some diseases. That's what I think her job was.

Regards, João

shirley wells

Does anyone have any information regarding Caroline Endres after her return to New York?

Did she stay in service with the Astors?

Gianni Yrois

hi shirley,

Miss Endres didn`t stay in service for the rest of her life. She was only by the Astors since Madeleines son
John Jacob was borne, then she went anywhere alse working.
She never married and had no children. Some clues said that she was from german heritage. She was borne on June
14, 1872 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Realtives and
people who where interested in her wright on messageboard of other websites that she stayed in her old age in a retire home in Binghamton, New York. She was described as
a very nice and friendly women. Her place of death is
discussed, many people said that she died after 1938 in
Philadelphia, other said that she died in her care home and other people that she died somewhere in Pennslyvannia.
A person that knew her personaly posted that she died in
Pensylvannia and is or was buried there.

hope that helps a bit

Gianni Alessandro Tarozzi

shirley wells

Thank you so much Gianni. I will try and find the other links. I am trying to find out if she ever returned to France again or even the route the that she took with the Astors on her way to Cherbourg. I have what I believe to be one of her possessions. It is here in France so it may never made it to the sailing with her or, if she returned to France, did she bring it back with her! So frustrating trying to research!!!

Best wishes from Normandie.