Carpathia photos on Antique Road Show

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
My wife tells me I missed an item on the Antique Road Show this last weekend which featured someone who had an album of photos taken aboard the Carpathia. She said it was brought in by a descendant of a couple who honeymooned on the Carpathia. The album included iceberg photos and Titanic survivor photos and was apparently appraised at between $10,000 and $20,000. Did anybody else catch this broadcast, or possibly even videotape it? Did it seem authentic? What city hosted the Road Show?

Pat Cook

Apr 27, 2000
Hey, Mike!

Well, sir, I have some info for you!

The Antiques Roadshow was visiting Baltimore. The lady with the items was Mary Lou Fenwick. Prior to this, I had contacted her for permission to use a certain photo (Beesley, Hilda Slayter and an unidentified lady - it's in the Lynch/Marschall book "Illustrated Titanic"). After graciously granting me permission to use the photo she told me about the Roadshow in which she and her son showed photos (taken by her in-laws, James and Mabel Fenwick), letters (one from Beesley) and a 'biscuit' taken from a lifeboat. The appraiser valued the items at between 50 and 75 thousand. By the way, she has since moved from Baltimore.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Best regards,

Gavin Murphy

Late entry here, but FYI, they also had one of the Carpathia metals given to the crew after the wreck described and appraised in the UK version of the show about 15 months ago. Can't remember the price, but no doubt dear.