Carpathia picture Hays or Beckwith

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Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
I still see new books coming out with the picture of the Harders with a woman. Who is it Clara Hays or Sallie Beckwith? Each new book changs her identity.
Dec 4, 1998
Having seen a picture of Mrs Hays and Mrs Beckwith, I do not think Mrs Beckwith had hair like that and the picture of that woman whose back is facing the camera seems somewhat stocky, not to offend the dear lady, but I believe, personally, that it is Mrs Hays. Mrs Beckwith was thin and her hair did not seem to be as in the style hair as is for the woman in the picture.
Dec 12, 1999
Dear Jeffrey and Mike,

I do not know who the woman was talking with the Harders on the deck of the Carpathia but it was not Sallie Beckwith. Don Lynch, in "An Illustrated History" was the first and only historian to claim this but this is not so. In the Dr. Blackmarr material, he took a picture of Mrs. Beckwith on the Carpathia holding an oar of some kind - and she was dressed completely different.

I have no reason not to believe that it was Mrs. Hays (since this was always the original claim). However, Dr. Blackmarr wrote on the actual picture that the Harders were talking to a "Mrs. W." Could it be Mrs. Widener? White? who knows?

We may never know for sure.

Michael Findlay
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