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Carpathia torpedoed

Discussion in 'Sinking and Wreck' started by stevie douglas, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I wonder if the u-boat captain that ordered the firing of the torpedoes on her, would have thought twice about it if he was aware what ship she was, considering her heroics in the titanic disaster?

    any thoughts?

  2. Not likely. Submarine captains in wartime have little concern for the historical signifigence of a vessel, but have an over riding concern about how a ship could be used to support the enemy's war effort. A passenger vessel of the period could have been used as either an auxilary cruiser or a troopship, which to a sub driver, is spelled T-A-R-G-E-T.
  3. And I don't think that it would really have mattered anyway. It's not like the Carpathia was hallowed ground. It was just another ship at that point.

    We've seen movies and read books and seen documentaries that have made the Carpathia very famous. The U-Boat captain didn't get the History Channel.
  4. Historial significance wasnt really thought of I dont think so much back then. If it had, would Olympic have been scrapped?

    Although maybe not so different today as we get rid of things that we should preserve.
  5. >>Historial significance wasnt really thought of I dont think so much back then. If it had, would Olympic have been scrapped?<<

    In all likelihood, yes.

    Mark Chirnside would know more about this then I do but I seem to recall a mention at some point that there was an interest in attempting it. However, it was 1935, the Great Depression was in full swing, and people were vastly more concerned with just being able to make a living.

    Some interest might have been there but the money just wasn't.
  6. Historical significance is a relative term. What makes Olympic historically significant other than being the sole survivor of Titanic and the lesser known Britannic? Certainly not any technical innovations associated with her design. Titanic on the other hand is historically significant, in my opinion, because of the reforms that took place following the disaster.
  7. Bill Baird

    Bill Baird Member

    Does anyone have any solid information why Carpathia would leave Liverpool at 8:15 am on July 15 and only have traveled 200 miles before she was torpedoed two days later on July 17? That seems awfully slow even for a convoy. Ideas?
  8. Bill Baird

    Bill Baird Member

    Since the German commander of U55 had already torpedoed hospital ships and submerged with survivors of other ships on his deck, I can't think he was too sentimental about anything.
  9. Alex Clark

    Alex Clark Member

    As the 100th anniversary of the sinking passed on Tuesday (17.07), I wonder if it was given any tv coverage. I'm currently on a ship in Cornwall, not terribly from the wreck. Im
    Planning on visiting Falmouth Maritime Museum this week. Maybe they'll have something about it. There's a Titanic exhibition on currently.