Carpathia's Interiors


Mar 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
Hello Luke,

Due to copyright issues, photos such as those ones are not permitted to be posted here, unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder first. Otherwise, it could land in a court of law.

Perhaps someone can e-mail them to you though. I don't own the book currently, otherwise I would. The last resort is to purchase the book yourself.
It's interesting to me that copyright laws pertain to "blogs" and "personalized communication" meaning not for purchase or profit but historical reference and education. This site in particular is the first I've ever come across that is so particular about posting photos.

Also a quick look into copyright laws seems that this website would fall under the "fair use clause" meaning it's not for profit so there's no real grounds for suing...

Fair Use in Blogging: Can Bloggers Use Copyrighted Images?

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