Carpathia's position at time of CQD

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Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
Hi all,
Does anyone know what the (DR) position of the Carpathia was when the Titanic's CQD was picked up? I can't find it anywhere!

Best wishes

Mar 13, 2000
Hi Paul I am surprised at how no one has responded to your question ,but i think its time to get your answer. If you go to the home page of this website, and roll the page down, you will see where it says titanic inquires. There is an American one and a British one. The captin of the Carpathia at both inquires and reported the position of the carpathia at n 52 degrees 58 west just click on the witness button on both requires anc then click the letter r and you will see his name and then click on testimony and you can see the questions asked during the inquires His name is Captin Rostron. I hope this helps Jennifer Mueller Ps if you click the word position o the inquires website you can also see a picture of the exact position she was when she got the call about the Titanic

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Paul, you didn't find it because it isn't in the testimony at either inquiry. However, by using the details given by Rostron and a bit of work with the traverse table, we find it was 41° 10 N, 49° 12' W.

By following Rostron's evidence, we also find that it was wrong by a few miles. No harm in that. Probably Rostron was getting more help from the North Atlantic Drift than he thought.
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