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Agreeing Kate!

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Dear Kate,
A film showing Ismay in a better light than he's been shown up til now would be welcomed, at least by this TITANIC buff. It seems that Ismay has become, at least in some circles, a scapegoat for the disaster and a stereotype of everything that was wrong with the upper classes.
The only Ismay portrayal that I have ever liked was the one in SOS TITANIC-- at least Ismay is shown to be a human being with the same set of hopes, dreams, fears as the rest of us.
I completely disliked the portrayals of Ismay in both Cameron's TITANIC and the CBS miniseries
as a completely sleazy, conscienceless snake oil salesman. I highly doubt that he was as bad as all that-- life simply isn't that cut-and-dried, not is it simply black-and-white. The next time someone makes a TITANIC movie, I hope they'll remember that!
I would like to see a book and a movie about the American Titanic Inquiry. I'm intrigued by what must have been going on behind the scenes of that very well-publicized event. It would be extremely difficult to research, but would be a rewarding subject for a good historian.

A film about the Inquiry would live or die according to the talents of the scriptwriter. It's sort of an un-Titanic Titanic movie, unless Hollywood couldn't resist a flashback or two of the sinking. (John Grisham, anyone??)

Pat W
Clarifying my own post here-- I was suggesting Grisham as a scriptwriter, not a historian!

Pat W.
Patricia have you read Wade's End of a Dream. I has the potential to make an interesting film adaptation. I was written before the wreck was found but updates would be pretty easy to include for the Dragnet style ending. Lots of drama, and no boat to build. Mr. Cameron are YOU listening?

My typing is off today. I meant to say "It was written. . ." and "It has potential. . ." And while I'm on the subject, I should have put a question mark at the end of the first sentence. Geez! One an English teacher, always an English teacher!!!
-goofy kate.

Oh by the way, Happy Valentines Day, ya'll!
Oh, Alan RICKMAN!!! I was thinking of the other Alan that was in "The Flintstones in Viva Las Vegas" and "Spy Kids." I forgot about the Alan Rickman in "Galaxy Quest!"

Having a brain fizz.

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G'day Kate - As I posted a loooong time ago, there was a German telemovie that drew very heavily on Wade's book...atrociously done, unfortunately, but hilarious to watch. The heroic Sen. Smith crusades against the combined evil of Lightoller and Ismay...

Am still scratching my head over the pre-sailing cocktail party in which Ismay, Lightoller, Franklin and co. gloat over having got away. Cheers, chaps, and toss back those flute glasses of champagne!

Then there's our own Pat Cook's splendid play about the American Inquiry - there's a man who recognises a great dramatic subject when he sees it! (Not even going to remind him for the umpteenth time what my favourite line is...but it comes on p. 27 of my edition of 'Titanic: Tragedy and Trial').

~ Ing
Hi, Ing, Kate and Kyrila

Yes, I have read Wade, but I think there's a whole lot more to the behind-the-scenes Inquiry story than he gives. That's just gut feeling-- I have not researched it.

If one was going to write the best possible book about the US Inquiry, it would require years of digging. The writer would need to make a lot or personal contacts with the descendants of the major figures, and obtain their co-operation. I'm a decent enough book researcher, but the other kind is pretty daunting. It's not a job for the small fry.

I'd love to see Pat's play. Ing, did that line have something to do with ice, perchance-- or did it contain the word "h**l?"

As far as movies are concerned, the subject still deserves better than it has gotten. So, good book first, major motion picture next!

Pat W
I'd like to see Frances O'Connor playing Bess Allison. In A.I (a movie much criticised, and unfairly, I think), she played the role of a mother very well, and her acting response to the dilemmas she faces recommends her to me. In a way, Bess Allison did have a dilemma before her, and for extra points, same colour hair
Hello! I am curious which people (actors, singers, models, celebrities, even less known people), according to you, would be similar enough (after characterization or not) to play officers, passengers, crew members and other people involved in Titanic (from her construction to inquries)?
In other words: let's make a 'dream cast' based only on similarity to real people involved in Titanic. Just for fun.

I will start.

Stephen Campbell Moore as Thomas Andrews. Sweet God, when I saw him in Titanic miniseries (2012) I couldn't believe it isn't CGI. Mr. Andrews came back from the dead!

Gordon L. Rowe as Lord Pirrie. He played Pirrie in Titanic the Birth of a Legend (2005) and he was great.

Charles Lawson as Alexander Carlise. Like above.

Jonathan Hyde as Bruce Ismay. Also Christopher Wright would be good in this role.

Gerard Butler as Henry Wilde. I realized he almost looks like Wilde.

Mark Wahlberg as Charles Lightoller. He is very similar to Lights.

Ewan McGregor as Herbert Pitman. Ewan with a mustache... That would be great! :D

Iain Robertson as Joseph Boxhall. When I started watching the SOS Titanic Inquiry (2012) I was sure he will be playing Boxhall. But no, he played third officer Groves from Californian.

Cam Gigandet as James Moody. In fact I am not sure if he is a good choice, but nobody else came to my mind. Edward Fletcher was wonderful as Moody in Titanic 1997 (he was so cute!) but I don't see similarity between him and real Moody. And Cam is quite similar to James. And a little characterization could help increase this similarity.

Kathy Bates as Margaret Brown. She just have the appearance of Mrs. Brown. ;)

Christopher P. Nolan as J.J Astor. Or Miles Richardson who played Astor in Titanic mini series (2012).

David Eisner as Benjamin Guggenheim. He was very good as Guggenheim in Titanic mini series.

Martin Jarvis as Cosmo Duff-Gordon. Very big similarity. Good choice, Mr. Cameron!

Catherine O'Hara as Countess of Rothes. Yes, yes, I realize Ms. O'Hara is 63 now. But I belive in a magic of film. :cool:

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Madeleine Astor. Yes, she is 53 now and Madeleine was just 18 but Ms. Kennedy is so similar to Madeleine...

Marion Cotillard as Violet Jessop. I prefer less known actors in this 'dream cast' but in my opinion she is very similar to Violet.

Dev Patel as Wallace Hartley. I just though about him when I was looking at Hartley's photos.

Terence Kelly as Captin Rostron. He was very good as Rostron in Titanic (1996). It was 22 years ago... but well.

Linus Roache as Captain Lord. Or Stuart Graham who played Lord in SOS Titanic Inquiry. Both actors would be good also as Captain Rostron.

Ok, that's all from me. Feel free to share with us your types (and tell me what do you think about mine). I am really curious who, according to you, is similar to 'Titanic related' people.
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I would have to agree with most of your choices.
Here are a few of mine.:
Bernard Hill as Captain E.J. Smith as the best physical appearance ; Brian Aherne as the worst
Kathy Bates as Mrs.Brown- the best ; Tucker Mc Guire as the worst
Michael Goodliffe and Victor Garber in a tie for Thomas Andrews
Kenneth More as 2nd Officer Lightoller ; Edmund Purdom for Honorable Mention for vocally ; Joanathan Philips as the worst
Alec Mc Cowen as Harold Cottam
David Mc Callum as Harold Bride
Geoffery Bayldon as the worst Cyril Evans
All of these are just my own "IMHO's".
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If you consider Thelma Ritter's "Maude Young" as "A thinly disguised (Mrs.Brown)", I would rate hers as a few notches above Tucker Mc Guire but much below Kathy Bates.
They must have been nervous about using real names in the 1953 "Titanic". Captain Smith refers to the leader of Titanic's musicians as "Mister McDermott" (spelling ?)
J.Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews do not appear in the movie.
The Robert Wagner/Audrey Dalton "Gifford/Annette" is much more believeable than the Leonardo Di Caprio/Kate Winslet "Jack/Rose" IMHO.
The movie is really more of a Clifton Webb/Barbara Stanwyck soap opera.But if there is one saving grace about the 1953 version of "Titanic" it is their acting.......again.....IMHO.
My favorite lines:
In reference to Norman, the young son (who "Is not your son.")
Jula : "He's going to grow up to be like you !"
Richard : "Possibly.....I'm satisfied."
I want to add that not only Mark Wahlberg but also Matt Damon is very similar to Lightoller. I think movie about this officer could be very interesting.